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Three years of Santander Universidades in Poland (Disponible solo en inglés)

Warsaw, 24th February 2015-. Cooperation agreements with 53 universities, 73 science and research projects, a few dozens of young Poles that participated in Global Programmes. Present in Poland for 3 years, ‘Santander Universidades’ has become the glaring example of cooperation between the world of business and the world of science. In Poland Bank Zachodni WBK manages Santander Universidades.

‘Santander Universidades’ in Poland was founded in December 2011 and is part of a global initiative under the same name. The initiative has been implemented by Banco Santander, the leading financial group in Europe which is the main investor of Bank Zachodni WBK, for more than 18 years. ‘Santander Universidades’ has become a flagship initiative of the Group making it the most  engaged financial institution in higher education in the world. Today it is a huge initiative implemented under 1 200 agreements with universities around the world, which manages more than 4.000  projects in 20 countries.

Santander Universidades in Poland
So far within the framework of Santander Universidades implemented by Bank Zachodni WBK, 53 agreements with universities have been signed. 25 out of these agreements are detailed ones – they provide for financial and programme frameworks thanks to which 73 science and research projects as well as projects supporting entrepreneurship and Polish universities employees’, students’ and graduates’ mobility are being implemented.

In 2014 alone 12 new universities joined Polish ‘Santander Universidades’ and 24 research projects which are being implemented by universities employees and students were initiated. Last year a pioneer project on the Polish market – electronic ID with payment function Smartcard – was implemented. Almost 40.000 electronic IDs were issued. The Smartcard, apart from its ID function, integrates electronic services. These are payment function, access to university premises, library card and city card. Additionally it offers discounts for students under Rabaty Smartcard programme.

“Grand Tour–know yourself!” is a new initiative implemented by Polish ‘Santander Universidades’. Its first edition took place in spring last year in Toru?. It is six days during which 12 students of Polish ‘Santander Universidades’ universities, who are chosen in a competition, meet in different cities to meet interesting people that range from big entrepreneurs to people engaged in voluntary work. They common feature is they passion. The programme second edition will start in March.

“The future of the Polish economy is shaped in academic centers. The today’s quality of education at the universities as well as students' and young PhD students' scientific and professional competences have an impact on Polish competitiveness and innovations of tomorrow. We would like to be a strong and competent partner for the Polish universities”, says Micha? Kuczmierowski, director of Polish Santander Universidades. “The number of agreements signed with universities and the multidimensionality of the implemented projects have proved that cooperation between the business world and the science world can effectively contribute to the development of our country”, adds Kuczmierowski.

At the beginning of the academic year of 2014/2015, 15 Polish students who gained above average scores were awared with financial ‘Santander Universidades’ prize. Polish universities make use of opportunities offered to them by ‘Santander Universidades’ actively. They participate in Global Programmes organized by the best world universities such as Harvard Law School, University of California, University of Pennsylvania, National University of Singapore, University of Cologne... 59 students and young scientists took part in Global Programmes within the framework of ‘Santander Universidades’ in Poland.

Santander Universidades in figures

  • 800.000 young people study at the universities that cooperate with Santander Universidades in Poland
  • 40.000 issued electronic ID with different functions – Smartcard
  • 73 science and research projects are being implemented
  • 53 universities in partnership with Polish ‘Santander Universidades’
  • 59 young people participated in Global Programmes in the USA, Germany, Singapore
  • 8 out of 10 the best Polish universities
  • 7 universities introduced Smartcard
  • 3 number of years needed to achieve these figures

Santander Universities maintains a stable alliance with close to 1,200 academic institutions in 20 countries. This is a network where universities from all over the world can meet and engage in dialogue. More information: www.santander.com/universities

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