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Banco Santander supports the Yale World Fellows (Disponible solo en inglés)

Madrid, 28th March 2016-. Banco Santander supports the Yale World Fellows leadership development programme through Santander Universities, as part of its ongoing collaboration with Yale University since 2006. Entitled “Conversations Without Borders: Europe’s Migrant Crisis”, a panel of four experts discussed this topic in a live-streamed event, broadcast to more than 1,050 universities.

Yale World Fellows selects 16 leaders each year among thousands of applicants to create a "learning lab" for innovative, multidisciplinary thinkers and doers from around the world, providing them with a four-month stay on the Yale campus. It gives them time to step back temporarily form their work and daily routine to be challenged both personally and academically.

In addition to learning, the fellows contribute to Yale's activities through teaching, collaboration, research and more, before going on to join a growing network of more than 250 fellows working across the world. They stay connected to Yale and to each other.

As part of this connection to the programme, certain fellows are selected to be panelists in discussions on topics in which they are experts. This was the case of the panelists for the event at Santander Group City presented by Emma Sky, director of Yale World Fellows, who highlighted the timeliness of the topic, recalling that a million refugees reached Europe in 2015 and in the first two months this year another 130,000. Click here to see the full discussion on the refugees, Emma Sky´ speech and Banco Santander´ supports

The four panelists were Mohamed Elfayoumy, an Egyptian diplomat with vast experience in the Middle East and currently a political advisor to the UN special envoy in Syria; Mohamed Baba, political secretary for the ruling party in Amsterdam, where he was involved in a proposal to integrate refuges quickly; Martina Larkin, who currently leads the World Economic Forum in Europe and Asia and headed the Forum’s Global Knowledge Networks, which includes some of the leading university communities and global experts across multidisciplinary fields; and Mina Al-Oraibi, a journalist and political analyst covering the Middle East, who not only shared her knowledge, but also her own experience as an Iraqi refugee living in the UK with her family since she was three years old. 

Mina Al-Oraibi said that after spending 12 years covering the Middle East, conflict after conflict, she "wanted to step back and find a space to recover and think about the world, and find some beauty". The campus at Yale provided her with this respite for four months: “it makes you think the world is a good place and for me it was a good place to think about the future, thanks mostly to my dealings with students”.

Emma Sky is also a journalist, having worked as a war correspondent and covering, among other topics, the refugee crisis. For the past eight months, she has been Director of the Yale World Fellows, which she defines as “a network of exceptionally talented individuals committed to making the world a better place”. She said that the programme "is a transforming experience" for participants and she thanked the Bank for its support of the initiative: “I am extremely grateful, not only for its financial support, but in many ways, the Bank is a partner: it is inspiring and innovative, and together we can create value”.

Santander Universities maintains a stable alliance with close to 1,200 academic institutions in 21 countries. This is a network where universities from all over the world can meet and engage in dialogue. Santander Universities is already collaborating with 46 NorthAmerican Universities and Higher Education Institutions, with agreements focused in promoting international exchange, entrepreneurial activities and the mobility of students and researchers within the network. 

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Yale World Fellows

The panel of four experts: "Conversations Without Borders: Europe's Migrant Crisis".

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