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Stephan Dabbert rewarded as "Rector/President of the year" (Disponible solo en inglés)

  • “German Association of University Professors and Lecturers Confederation” (DHV) acknowledges exemplary administration with this prize donated by Santander Universities.
  • Since 18 years Santander is a strong partner for universities.

Mönchengladbach, 21th of April 2016-. Stephan Dabbert, President of the University of Hohenheim, was rewarded as „rector/president of the year“ by the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers Confederation (DHV). The prize, donated by Santander Universities as part of their cooperation, was handed over by the DVH at the gala of German Sciences in Berlin.

Alberto Dörr, Director Santander University Germany, congratulated the prize winner as one of the first. Since 18 years Santander is a strong partner for universities, he emphasized at the awards ceremony. “I`m particularly pleased, that Professor Dabbert receives this price, as he is known for his respectful and open communication style. A principle Santander is committed to”.

With the award „President of the year“ the professional association of scientists honors exemplary administration. The winner was determined by an online poll among the 29.500 members of the association with an rating of 1’65.

Stephan Dabbert will send the 10.000 prize-money sponsored by Santander Universities to the project “Humboldt reloaded”. This project at the University of Hohenheim allows bachelors students undertaking research of their own.

The agrarian economist is appreciated for his leadership personality, as a good listener, someone who respects the opinion of others and is patient and careful in his manner. His informed decisions are always properly founded. On second place, just behind Dabbert, follows the winner of 2014, the president of the university of Wuppertal, Lambert T. Koch, with rating of 1’67 points.

About Santander Universidades
Banco Santander is the largest investor in education in the world (Varkey/UNESCO report – Fortune 500). This initiative is backed by Santander Universities which has 1,200 collaboration agreements in place with universities and institutions worldwide.

Santander Universities Germany has been collaborating with 11 Universities nationwide since 2011.

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