When you join Santander, you can look forward to taking control of your own development. 

This starts with being able to develop the skills for your current role and continues throughout your future career, whatever your aspirations are. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through a blend of on-the-job experience, formal and informal learning - all with the support of your line manager. 

Support from day one, that never stops

During your first four weeks at Santander, you’ll be taken through our new onboarding journey. This has been specially designed to make sure you’re well equipped to embark in your new role.

We’ll also ask you to complete our award-winning introductory learning to help make sure you’ve got all the knowledge you need as a member of the Santander team.   

Sounds exciting, right? Well, this support is just the beginning of what development opportunities you can expect to encounter during your time with us. 

Programmes that provide you with focus and opportunity   

We have an extensive list of programmes to support with your career development. These have all been designed based on the needs of our colleagues. You can read about some of these below. 


Our brand new eight-month career development programme is open to all colleagues and has been designed to accelerate participants careers in whichever direction they choose. The content is tailored to personal needs and there are great opportunities to collaborate and network across the business through a mixture of active sponsorship from senior leaders, skills analysis and cohort development activities.

The Black Talent Programme is a bespoke talent programme with three modules: sponsorship circles, keynotes, Lead Mindset masterclasses. It showcases and develops existing Black Talent by offering an opportunity for colleagues to network, as it offers a safe space, sharing experiences and building a community as we aim to tackle under representation of black colleagues in senior roles at Santander. 

Black Talent Programme

A multi-award-winning Fellowship Programmes for leaders who have young children and are committed to progressing their career.  It enables parents to stay on the leadership pipeline whilst still enjoying their children, creates a positive movement for change so no parent has to choose between career and family and tackles a root cause of the gender pay gap by supporting parents to progress in their careers. 

Since 2008, more than 1,900 colleagues have taken part in our international mobility programme, Mundo. The programme supports colleagues with stepping out of their comfort zone and experiencing new challenges in countries that Santander operates in, for up to 6 months at a time. 

With the aim of empowering women in STEM based roles to take ownership of their personal and career development, participants will be given support via a sponsor, supporting them to develop their self-confidence and build networks. The programme will help drive positive change and showcase our female role models and male advocates across the business. 

Women in Stem
Young Leaders

Over 650 colleagues from across Santander have taken part in our Young Leaders programme since 2018. With an opportunity to contribute to Groups strategy whilst working with colleagues from the various Santander geographies, this programme is a great way for colleagues to grow their networks, and develop their leadership skills. 

A learning catalogue powered by LinkedIn Learning and more!

All our colleagues within the UK are given instant access to learning content from globally recognised learning providers O’Reilly and LinkedIn Learning. Combined with the learning created internally by Santander, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of videos, live events, books and much more to help support your development needs.

Not sure where to start? Our internal learning platform will use the information you input about where you are now, to help provide personalised learning recommendations based on where you want to be! Or, if you need some initial 121 support you can get in touch with one of our amazing career coaches who will help you figure out what you want and how to achieve it.