We are undergoing the biggest transformation of our history and technology is at the core of our strategy

By joining us, you will be part of the one of the world's most important technological project in the financial sector. A project that is constantly evolving thanks to our super team of tech-driven minds, hard-working and a bit geeky, who are very clear about what we want; to help millions of people prosper and achieve their dreams.

Data Centre of Excellence | We believe in building a collaborative and datadriven culture

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Aligned to the Bank’s Data & Analytics ambitions, Santander’s Data Centre of Excellence (CoE) consists of a variety of different subject areas, initiatives and challenges, ranging from ensuring that our data is protected and under control, to ensuring we are adhering to regulatory expectations, along with creating and developing innovative solutions to help manage our data. We believe in building a caring, collaborative, transparent and datadriven culture to help us succeed towards a better future.


Joining the Data CoE, you’ll be part of a team where anyone and everyone can grow, learn, and be part of a Bank-wide Data Transformation targeted towards making a real difference across our core ambitions:

Derive Value from our Data – Drive customer value and revenue growth by maximizing the value of data.

Build Trust in our Data – Mitigate risks and establish controls to build complete trust with our data.

Democratize Data – Simplify existing Data architecture to provide frictionless access to data.

Digital banking with a human touch – Drive inclusive digitalisation and use technology in a way that creates value for all our customers and stakeholders.

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Digital | We are paving the way deliver new customer solutions

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At Santander Digital UK, our passion lies in prioritising our customers and making decisions that truly serve their best interests. By understanding and addressing our customer needs, we strive to build stronger relationships with each customer. Through innovative digital solutions, we aim to provide seamless banking experiences that are convenient for both customer and colleague.

We are at the heart of enabling the bank’s vision to become a Digital Bank with a human touch. Supporting the shift of the customer behaviour and trends to be digital first, the digital teams are driving several initiatives which will help customers, colleagues, and the bank to be on the front foot of digitising customer journeys and processes. Evolve new and innovative products like My Home Manager, that enables our customers to have one stop to manage anything related to their homes and all leveraging cloud, ai and the latest front-end engineering practices.


What impact does digital have on our customers?

The impact of digital channels in our customers has been significant and transformative over the past few years. Digital channels such as online banking, mobile banking, Chat, and other digital platforms have made banking more convenient, accessible, and user-friendly for customers. Customers can now perform many banking activities and transactions without having to visit a branch, therefore being more accessible for our customers. 

Digital banking has also enabled us to improve their customer service through faster response times, improved access to support, and the ability to provide personalised experiences that account for the unique needs of each customer. 

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Cyber Security | We work collaboratively as a team to protect our UK customers

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At Santander UK, we have an industry-leading cyber security team that works across the bank to keep our employees and customers safe.

Talented and passionate people are essential to this. The UK Chief Information Security Office (CISO) works to ensure the bank is protected against cyber threats by using innovative solutions and through cross-industry collaboration.

How we help our UK customers

Keeping our customers safe online is at the heart of everything we do.

Whilst customers may not see it, we put multiple layers of security in place, whether they’re banking online or via the mobile app, to create a secure and seamless experience for their everyday banking requirements.

We also protect our online systems and the information they store, by detecting and responding to threats, implementing cyber security protocols, and developing defence mechanisms.


Types of roles 


Within the Chief Information Security Office (CISO), there are a variety of teams and disciplines that help keep the bank and our customers safe:

Cyber Technology – Creating a more secure IT environment through research, partnerships and embedding of future-proof cyber architecture and technologies into the business.

Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) – Protecting our customers, business, and employees, through collaboration across industries to gather threat intelligence and to proactively prevent, detect, investigate and respond to cyber incidents. 

Access Management – Protecting our, and our customers’ data by ensuring that the right level of access to data and systems is granted, in an efficient and user-friendly way, irrespective of the source, platform, or customer.

Cyber Engagement, Compliance and Control (CECC) – Embedding and strengthening cyber security capabilities and secure user behaviours, across the business and our third parties, through engagement and awareness with people, processes, and technology.

Product Security - Protecting our customers by enabling product teams to deliver secure and resilient, digital-first offerings across multiple channels at pace.

Our team works together to achieve our vision of making Santander a cyber-resilient organisation by implementing a world class, global and agile capability.  

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Software | We are driving the evolution of Banking

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Here at Santander we push the boundaries and create innovative, customer centric tech solutions for Santander. We collaborate to provide these world-class technical solutions and are adopting Agile across our business as we digitally transform our platforms and services to create the bank of the future. 

Our teams adopt change and continually look for new and better ways to deliver. We collaborate to solve problems and find solutions in what can be a complex and challenging environment. We’re the digital software lab at Santander, and we want to turn this bank into a tech powerhouse.

Our teams are made up of engineers, developers and designers committed to helping Santander deliver value through use of latest technologies and ideas including blockchain, AI, Chatbots, Big Data etc. and developing our team through continued learning and challenging the ways of working to accelerate innovation trough agility, design thinking and hypothesis driven development.

Embrace Agile with us as we transform our business, work in an environment with leading edge technology, attend ‘Meet Ups’ and be part of internal and external technology communities and work for an organisation that’s dedicated to your learning and ongoing development.


Types of roles:

Software Engineer - Applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software. Transcribes complex technical requirements to the programming languages and parameters required to generate the software solution designed. Helps others solving complex technical problems and coaches others on best practices in software engineering.

DevOps - Manages deployments, infrastructure, security and support of business solutions. Ensures a quality service is delivered to application sponsors, stakeholders and users. 

QA - Designs, defines and implements internal quality procedures, standards and specifications in line with Development Policies and Reference Architectures. Assesses that quality requirements are met in all deliverables and development teams. Oversees the implementation of the different assurance measures concerning systems security. 

Product Owners - Create, maintain and evolve Product Teams during the design, implementation, testing, deployment and post-release support in an agile development environment. You will also be required to work across teams to facilitate the best environment possible through strong leadership and communication. 

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Infrastructure | Working collaboratively to deliver IT services to both colleagues and customer

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Within the Infrastructure and IT Operations teams here at Santander UK, we are critical in delivering IT systems allowing our customers to complete their every-day banking needs, as well as for our colleagues across the Branch estate, Head office and Contact Centres.


How we help our UK customers

Ensuring that our customers can transact, engage, and administer their bank accounts at any time of the day underpins everything we do. This varies from processing IT Changes, managing IT events to infrastructure and hardware transformation. 

What we do and how we do things is critical to our customers as we must operate without interruption. With the advent of social media and other IT companies, our services are often measured against Uber, Netflix or Amazon. 

We also protect our online systems and the information they store, by detecting and responding to incidents, implementing fixes, and developing strong defense mechanisms.


Key Projects and Transformation 

Cloud adoption is a very hot topic, migrating existing services to Cloud based technologies is a very large and complex programme of work, one which provides great learning and satisfaction.  

Here at Santander, we are working on both on-premise and public cloud technologies.

People who have a natural passion for Technology are essential in making this team a success. Within Infrastructure and IT Operations, there are a variety of teams and disciplines that help keep the bank and our customers safe:

Major Incident Manager - the aim here is to restore normal service operations as quickly as possible and minimise any adverse effects on business operations. This ensures that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are returned and maintained.

Problem Manager - to resolve and control the root causes of incidents caused by errors within the IT infrastructure. In this role, you will be expected to work to prevent the recurrence of these incidents. 

Change Manager - manage IT Changes, coordinate and plan the releases for the most appropriate times.

Operations Monitoring Analyst - First response unit for critical alert, often this is the team that first detects a system interruption or service outage. 

IT Operations Analyst - this team is responsible for adherence to good governance, Service reporting and trending.

Service Introduction - Ensuring that all the non-functional requirements for all Projects have been met to an acceptable standard. 

Each team works together to achieve a stable and effective IT environment for our customers and colleagues. 

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Architecture | Underpinning our customers interactions

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Our teams underpin all our customers interactions is a complex suite of technology, ranging from hyper-modern cloud-based environments to proven technology platforms like mainframes. On top of these platforms is a myriad array of software solutions that power the various applications that run the bank. 


In the CTO organization at Santander, we’re responsible for a number of different areas:


Domain Architecture - Focused on architecture for the applications and systems that the bank uses.

Platform Architecture - Focused on strategy and architecture for the underlying technology platforms like Public Cloud and Private Cloud.

Data Architecture - Focused on data architecture for the bank’s Big Data platforms.

Security architecture - Ensuring that the applications and platforms are architecturally secure from threats.

Software Development Life Cycle - Delivering best practices and policies for developers in Santander.

In addition to all of these, we also look at new and evolving technologies to see how they could benefit the bank. 

The work we do is critical to the functioning of the bank and has tremendous impact, not just on the current technology operations of the bank but on how the bank will operate far into the future. It’s a great place for those looking to do impactful work with a team of seasoned professionals.  

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