Not ready to make a move but would like to hear more about our roles?

Technology plays an essential role here at Santander and we are not just transforming ourselves, we are also driving the evolution of Banking. As leaders in our sector, we are evolving Santander into a digital Bank with a human touch.

Our teams in IT provide everything that Santander needs to ofer exceptional services to enable our customers to prosper. Whether that is, for example, building our virtual Contact Centre for the Bank to service customers’ needs or moving us towards a fully cloud native platform. The list of products and solutions is huge. All of these are delivered, ultimately, by the IT team.

Whilst providing out customers with a first-class experience, we also generate value for Santander in the products, applications, services, and infrastructure we provide. Whether it is through software engineering, cloud solutions, network/cyber security, architecture, product delivery, data analysis, coaching in agile etc.– the list is almost endless and there are opportunities for everyone.

We welcome anyone in joining our community, who can bring their skills and experience to play a key part in our transformation. The entire Bank shares the same core values, behaviours and ethic’s. We have flexible ways of working (including remotely) in addition to a vast array of benefits to choose from. You will get the opportunity to develop your skills further and also add new ones with our active training programme, which is available for all the teams.

So come, be curious and see what we can ofer you and you could ofer us, so we can all develop better technology, together.