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If you’re bursting with ideas and like to drive change, this is the programme for you

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If you are completing your studies or you already have a degree in IT, Telecommunications or Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Business Administration, Finance, Law, Marketing or Human Resources, or have completed technical and vocational training or digital bootcamps, you can put your knowledge and talent into practice with Santander Start.

What does this programme involve? 

For nine months, you will participate full-time in a real-life project, creating innovative solutions that will have an impact on our customers and society. In addition, we offer you the chance to take a training course in Digital Business provided by a prestigious business school.

What will I learn?

In this programme, you will also acquire solid knowledge of a specific area of Santander Group. We offer you a transformational, high-impact experience. You also have the chance to study Advanced Digital Business, a training course associated with the Santander Start Programme.

When does selection begin?

There are two selection periods each year for the Santander Start programme: in January and April.

When does it start? 

There are two intake periods each year: April and September.

How many scholarships are available? 

Each year we offer more than 200 scholarships across Santander Group. 

Who does it target?

The Santander Start programme is aimed at final-year students and graduates of a university degree, master’s degree, vocational training or bootcamps who wish to put their knowledge and talent into practice.

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