In 2020, we stood side by side with those hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

Grupo Santander helped mitigate the effects of covid-19 in 2020 by donating EUR 55 million in relief. The funds were used to meet immediate needs, such as the manufacturing and purchase of medical equipment, protective clothing and other equipment to treat infected patients, as well as being donated to authorities and institutions.

Your contributions bought:

  • 3 PCR test processing robots (Opentrons).
  • More than 5 million three-layer, high-risk masks (PID).
  • 75 invasive ventilators.
  • 500 non-invasive ventilators.
  • 500,000 covid-19 detection tests.
  • 2,000 blankets and hospital beds.
  • 300 machines for surface disinfection.
  • Equipment for disinfection work (nebulizers, biocontainment tents, NBC robot).

We also funded the following coronavirus research:

  • EUR 200,000 to the 'Kids Corona' research project at the Sant Joan de Déu children's hospital to provide evidence of how the virus affects children and pregnant women.
  • EUR 100,000 to co-fund a Fundación Galega de Medicina Xenomica project to avoid serious infections caused by covid-19.
  • EUR 100,000 to support the CNIC’s research into a supplement to the covid-19 vaccination to boost the immune system.
  • EUR 100,000 euros allocated to the Fundación Severo Ochoa to support the Centro de Biología Molecular’s covid-19 research.

To reduce the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the most vulnerable groups, we allocated:

  • EUR 200,000 to vulnerable groups, such as minors at risk of exclusion, people with physical and intellectual disability, and the elderly, to purchase health and protective materials through the Tiempo de Juego-Santander initiative with COPE.
  • EUR 200,000 to Foment del Treball Nacional in Catalonia for the purchase of healthcare supplies for homeless shelters through the Red Cross.
  • EUR 32,000 to the NGO AUARA to donate bottled water to hospitals and care homes throughout Spain in May. Thanks to this, they were able to bottle 160,000 litres of water to meet demand.

These donations were possible thanks to our operations colleagues in Aquanima and the Santander Asia teams in China. A fantastic effort with a huge reward.

Company from Madrid in charge of distribution
Company from Madrid in charge of distribution

A company in Madrid helped us deliver these healthcare supplies, taking charge of sorting them from the moment they reached its warehouse, right up to delivering them to places designated by the Ministry of Health.

This company’s workforce is fully comprised of women. They packed, loaded and unloaded trucks, and even operated cranes. One of the women working at the company, Paloma, was moved by the recipients’ incredible response, especially the army: “They were extremely pleasant and welcoming, and thanked the bank again and again for its donation”.