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What matters most? Six priorities for CEOs in turbulent times

CEO priorities in the face of current uncertainty

Mckinsey´s report analysing the priorities that every CEO and business leader should consider managing their company in the current uncertain environment. The conclusions, obtained after conversations with hundreds of CEOs worldwide from several sectors, include defensive aspects but also offensive ones to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise.

According to Mckinsey, top priorities for a company's top executive in today's environment would be the following:

  • Resilience: in a volatile and disruptive world, it is the priority par excellence in its different aspects: financial, operational, technological, organizational, business model and reputational resilience.

  • Courage: However, the best leaders not only focus on prudent management of the difficulties of the current cycle but are also attentive to seek opportunities that may arise and bet on long-term strategies and projects outside the manual.

  • Building new businesses seeking growth: With a vision of start-ups and unicorn companies, more than half of the executives prioritize creating companies in high-growth sectors. Consolidated companies have something that start-ups may miss such as resources, capital, assets... According to Mckinsey, one of the most profitable sectors in the future and with the fastest growth will be green technologies.

  • Improving technology and digitization: To build new businesses and to strengthen resilience and take the initiative in the old ones, it is essential to have the right technology and continue advancing in the digital transformation of companies.

  • Going forward with net zero emissions commitments: Despite the difficulties and pressures caused by the energy crisis caused by the war, environmental commitments continue to be on the agenda of executives and will transform business.

  • Strengthen or rebuild employee experience: After Covid and the emergence of work from home, it will be key to improve employee satisfaction and improving employee satisfaction and sense of pride in being part of the company will be key to solve the talent retention and attraction issues observed in many companies.

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