¿Cómo es la nueva generación de neobancos?

Challenging traditional neobanks

Article by Funcas about the recent appearance of a new generation of neobanks specifically aimed at communities that share a passion, an interest or a profession. This new generation is challenging more traditional neobanks by providing a very differentiated level of customer experience.

  • A step further in the digital customer experience: A new generation of neobanks challenges more traditional neobanks through a hyper-personalized product offering and specialization on commercial targets such as communities that share a passion, an interest, or a profession. For example, neobanks specialized in financing medical clinics, or aimed at the population that is more aware of the environment and climate change or specialized in customizing credit cards.
  • Profitability challenge: How to monetize the personal needs of customers will be key to the success of these “new” neobanks, although recent studies suggest that customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for hyper-personalized products.

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