Banco de España
“La intervención pública en el mercado del alquiler de vivienda: una revisión de la experiencia internacional”
David López-Rodríguez y M.ª de los Llanos Matea

Potential measures to regulate the residential rental market 

This report analyzes the reasons for the growth in residential rental prices in metropolitan areas and describes possible public solutions to problems of access to housing. 

  • Controls on rental prices: The Bank of Spain recalls that the evidence shows the “possible appearance of potentially significant adverse effects, especially when these types of measures are maintained for prolonged periods” and may lead to a drop in available housing, decrease the maintenance of the buildings ...
  • Wide range of measures of a heterogeneous nature, aimed both at encouraging the private supply of rental housing and at containing the increase in household spending due to the increase in rental prices.
  • Public provision of a rental housing offer: This policy would focus on the main cause of the increase in the rental price of housing: the insufficiency of properties available for rental in response to increases in demand in certain places. However, this policy faces important budgetary challenges and requires an efficient design in its implementation.

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