Instalments due from 16 March will be postponed with no changes to the amount owed 

Brazil, 2 April 2020. – Santander Brazil's customers with outstanding and overdue payments since 16 March 2020, or with payments due until 15 May, may have their payment deadline automatically extended by up to 60 days at no extra charge. In addition to the grace period, the instalment amount remains unchanged until the end of the loan period. 

The goal is to facilitate the enforcement of resolution 4,782 by the Brazilian monetary council (Conselho Monetário Nacional) of 16 March 2020, and to broaden the reach of the measures to meet the specific needs of customers. Automatic debt renegotiation applies to personal, unified and renegotiation loans, and direct consumer credit at the branch. These facilities will have their payments extended by 30 days after the first due date and by another 30 days after the second due date (until 16 May), with a total of 60 days' extra time. The bank will assess the possibility of new extensions at the end of this period. 

In addition, Santander will guarantee that the instalment amounts remain unchanged even when the payment period is extended. 

Non-defaulting customers may apply for an extension at Customers will receive an SMS confirming that their request has been received and, by the following week, will be sent a second text to confirm that their operation has been validated. There is no requirement to go to a branch or call the helpdesk. 

"In our efforts to give more financial breathing room to our customers in these challenging times, we have found competitive solutions in the banking sector", said Gustavo Alejo, head of Credit Products for Natural Persons at Santander. "We are still monitoring our customers' situation closely to find alternatives that benefit other profiles of individuals and businesses." 

Another of the bank's initiatives targets Santander card customers: they will be able to divide their card bills due from 15 April into up to 24 monthly instalments, with 50% off on their interest rate and the possibility of benefiting from a 60 days' grace period for the first payment. Applications can be submitted via the Way or Santander apps, or internet banking.

For businesses 

Loan agreements will also be automatically extended by 60 days for micro and small-sized enterprises with outstanding and overdue payments starting 16 March, with no fee or fine charged and no alteration of the instalment amount. The offer is valid until 16 May 2020. 

Cassio Schmitt, head of the Businesses, Governments and Institutions segment, revealed that, from next week, businesses will be able to apply for the 60-day extension of their loan payments directly via internet banking; until now, these applications were made over the phone. Businesses may apply for a 60-day extension of working capital, renegotiation and direct consumer credit (CDC PJ) loans. 

"From the 9th, our flow is prepared to finance businesses with payroll arranged with us by up to two months, under the terms announced on 27 March by the federal government", said the executive while pointing out that the new facility depends on specific regulations to be issued in the coming days by the authorities. 

The payment will be made into the employees' individual accounts, up to a total of two minimum wages. Businesses will benefit from a grace period of six months to make the first payment, and 36 months to settle the loan, with a fixed interest rate of 3.75% per year. The facility is supported and guaranteed by the Brazilian treasury, made viable by the BNDES and made available to businesses with an annual turnover between R$ 360k and R$10 million. 

The bank is also offering 60 days' grace period to self-employed workers and individual micro entrepreneurs (MEI). Prospera Santander Microfinanças customers must submit their applications through their lending agents. Payments will also remain unchanged for these segments. 

Other credit facilities 

As for property financing and property-backed loans, customers may apply for a grace period of 60 days with the same interest rate, at This condition is valid for applications submitted by 16 May 2020. 

Albeit they do not fall under the CMN's resolution, car loans granted by Santander Financiamentos can also have their due dates extended from the 15th. For goods and services, the extension will be available from May. Applications may be submitted from the app or via

The bank has worked hard to make the necessary technological adjustments to its systems in recent days, and to ensure that the appropriate measures for each customer segment are applied.