Banco Santander Mexico reports on the measures it has implemented to safeguard the health of its customers and employees and to ensure its operations in response to the coronavirus (covid-19) contingency. 

Mexico City, 17 March 2020.
The bank already has global and local protocols in place, which include business continuity plans, alternate operations offices, the division of work teams so as not to concentrate critical tasks in a single space, and the review of service providers, among others, in compliance with both local regulations and group policies in the event of this type of situation. 

Because safeguarding our customers and employees is a priority at Santander, the bank has reinforced its hygiene protocol at its branches, offices and ATMs; it is promoting the use of digital channels by customers, so that they go to branches only for operations requiring their physical presence; it has cancelled the entry of vendors and meetings with external personnel at its facilities, including critical areas such as systems support and the Contact Centre. 

Branches will remain open with the minimum required workforce, and no more than 10 customers will be allowed in a branch at a time, in compliance with authorities' recommendations on safe distances between people and avoiding physical contact. 

With regard to employees, Santander Mexico has, from this week, set up teleworking for all staff belonging to vulnerable groups and reduced the number of employees working from the corporate offices by at least 50% ¬– the remaining employees must work from home. Special support will be given to any employees who require it due to the closure of schools. The number of employees at the Contact Centres has also already been reduced by 50%. These employees work remotely with specialised equipment. Face-to-face meetings and travel have been cancelled, unless strictly essential, and digital tools have been provided for meetings to take place remotely, to avoid travel. Lastly, the on-site medical staff has been reinforced to support employees.

As part of its protocols, Santander has a special committee chaired by senior management to monitor and take decisions. This committee coordinates with the corporate centre and the other countries in the Group, in order to share experiences, lessons learned and best practices in response to this situation. 

At corporate and local level, Santander is closely monitoring the situation and complying with the recommendations given by the authorities, such as the World Health Organisation and the governments of the countries where the bank operates, as part of our commitment as a Responsible Bank.


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