The Santander App aims to become the leading financial inclusion solution for around four million unbanked people.

31 August 2020 - PRESS RELEASE
The number of customers using Banco Santander's Superdigital App has now reached 100,000 customers, just five months since it was launched in April this year. There has been strong month-on-month growth in the use of this innovative, fully digital application, as a result of a number of factors, including a simple, quick onboarding process, universal biometric customer authentication and the digital transformation of the customer experience, driven by the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

Superdigital aims to become the leading solution for financial inclusion in Chile. It is a banking and social ecosystem for making payments to contacts through chats, and for making online purchases and payments. Customers can transfer money to any account in the country, withdraw cash from ATMs, pay or split bills, create a virtual “cash kitty” among several contacts, top up their mobile balance, etc.

Superdigital customers can also use their virtual debit cards to make purchases or payments online or in national and international apps without the need for a credit card. This means that close to four million Chileans, foreign residents and new generations will gain access to the financial services industry.

Miguel Mata, general manager of Santander Chile, states that Superdigital “is an integral part of an ambitious strategy to offer quality financial services to the largest number of people and businesses possible, particularly those who have not yet been able to access the banking industry and the benefits it provides. That’s why we launched Superdigital, why we are innovating through the value proposition of our Santander Life current account, and why we decided to shake up the market with our Getnet acquiring business network, with which we will add competitiveness to this sector by offering customers a more attractive alternative. Our goal is to continue to bank the unbanked throughout the country in a responsible manner, and by offering quality products and services at the best prices in the market.”