The latest digital talks organised by Santander Private Banking are letting customers get a chance to learn more about Rafa Nadal, one of the best sportsmen ever, who shows us his private side and reveals the keys to his success.

Rafa Nadal, a point of reference for tennis worldwide, chatted with Víctor Matarranz, the global head of Wealth Management & Insurance, in a new series of Wealth Talks, the digital events that Santander Private Banking organises for its customers. In a friendly, relaxed conversation, Rafa recapped on how he is experiencing this atypical year, what helped him reach the pinnacle of his profession and stay there so long, and how he is tackling the future on both a personal and professional level.

Wealth Talk: Rafa Nadal

“I have only taken part in five tournaments this year. Although things are going very well for me, it is definitely true that it is a sad year in general," says Rafa. However, he feels that it is important to tackle these situations with a positive attitude, and also through hard work: “We can't let ourselves fall into everyday defeatism […] I think that taking an optimistic view of life helps us get through difficult times. Work, dedication, passion and commitment are required," he clarifies.

Regarding the method of his success and his current status in sports, he says that, "Everyone has to find their own path and what makes them give the best of themselves." He also adds that he would not have achieved everything he has without the support of his family, his team, his friends and, of course, his own self-demanding and self-criticism. These factors, among others, took him to the pinnacle of world tennis, a place he shares with a unique generation—Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic—and kept him there for more than a decade. Rafa believes that this is due to their staying excited and passionate about what they do and that, if not prevented by injuries, "We'll still be here for a while longer, competing and striving to win”.

Other renowned guests on Wealth Talks

Santander Private Banking customers have also been able to watch people who have been game changers in other arenas. Carlos Sainz, well-known as the best rally driver ever and a recent recipient of the Princesa de Asturias Award, and Sir Ronald Cohen, the “father of social investment” and president of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, spoke all about the world of rally racing and impact investment in their respective talks.

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