Early this month, Santander UK launched our first virtual Global Food Forum bringing together expertise from the food & drink sector, trade bodies, international bodies and banking partners spanning from 21 global markets. Some of the partners involved include the UK Food and Drink Federation, British Frozen Food Federation and FOOD & DRINK EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION LIMITED.

Over the four days from 1 to 4 March, we heard from speakers presenting overviews of the sector; key trends across Asia, Americas, UAE and Europe; category sessions on Alcohol, Halal, Frozen Foods and Sweets; and specific country sessions focusing on Germany, France, Spain, Poland and the Scandinavia. The topics covered included key regulations and requirements when entering new markets, along with detailed analysis of food trends and opportunities for UK companies in over 21 global markets. Opportunities emerge as markets are recovering at different stages from the pandemic; and some markets with accelerated disposable incomes are looking for premium brands produced by the UK. Also, the fact that Brand Britain holds an important place on the glob al stage presents exciting opportunities for UK businesses. The whole host of useful insights and practical content from the forum would have helped any food & drink businesses looking to start trading or grow their trade internationally.

At Santander, we understand the wide variety of challenges that businesses face as a result of the pandemic and post-Brexit and we remained committed to support business with their growth ambitions both domestically and globally. This forum, and the dozens more like it in coming months, bring to life what that support is all about. We recognise that it’s a difficult time for businesses due to current market conditions, Brexit and the pandemic but the time is NOW to explore these opportunities. Santander is here to support businesses every step of the way, with our expertise, as well as via our specific eco-systems in key markets.

This is just the beginning of what is yet to come. Do keep a look out for our upcoming events, with the next one being the Manufacturing Industry Week in April.

To find out more, contact international@santander.co.uk