They have the highest security specifications, allow benefits to be personalised, and are 100% digital.

They can be used to make payments from digital wallets at POS terminals.

In six different colours, they will support environmental causes, support children, fight against breast cancer, and help children with cerebral palsy and people with autism, depending on each colour, with the help of institutions such as Unicef, WWF, Reforestamos Mexico, Fundación Cima, APAC and Iluminemos de Azul.

Mexico City, 6 September 2021.- Banco Santander Mexico has today announced the launch of the new LikeU credit card, with six different colours, the first in Mexico with the “financial on demand” idea, in order to personalise benefits: they are digital and can be used to make payments online from mobile phones and at POS from digital wallets, they have the highest security specifications and allow the user to support six of the main causes of Social Responsibility with the most prestigious organisations in the country, depending on the colour chosen.

This idea is based entirely on customer preferences and is the first of its kind in the group, which will cause the way in which credit cards are contracted and used to be reconsidered, and which emerges as the first credit product that is directly associated with the social and environmental causes that most concern Mexicans such as reforestation, education, the health and nutrition of children and adolescents, cleaning the seas, supporting minors with cerebral palsy and people with autism, and the fight against breast cancer.

A Santander Mexico study among credit card users found that currently one of the aspects most valued by customers is the security and personalisation of financial products, as well as the ability to choose benefits. At the same time, they value being able to use the credit card on their mobile phones including payments at point of sale terminals. They also value being able to pay only for the services that are used and, finally, being able to support social responsibility actions that have an impact in the country.

Therefore, Santander Mexico has come up with LikeU, where six credit cards have been created, which correspond to social and environmental causes depending on their colour, regardless of the contribution the individual wants to make:

  • LikeU Green: which will support reforestation, with the help of the Reforestamos Mexico group, which has been working in the country for 19 years.
  • LikeU Red: which will support the education of girls, boys and adolescents in marginalised areas of the country in partnership with Unicef.
  • LikeU Blue: to provide resources to clean the seas, with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
  • LikeU Star: which support minors with cerebral palsy and people with autism with the help of Iluminemos de Azul and APAC, groups that have been promoting these causes in Mexico for 6 and 51 years respectively.
  • LikeU Pink: which, with the help of Fundación Cima, one of the most recognised groups in the field, will be channelling support for the fight against breast cancer.
  • LikeU White: to support the nutrition and health of children and adolescents with the support of Unicef.

In addition to social causes, the digital characteristics of these new cards make them stand out in the market. They will be taken out online only and, from the moment the contracting process is finished, the card will already be available in its digital version on the customer's mobile device, who will receive the physical version at home. Unlike the normal process, the physical card will be issued with the PIN that the customer assigns when they take it out, which prevents fraud if the card falls into the wrong hands and allows it to be used from the moment the customer receives it, without going to an ATM to set their PIN.

The LikeU credit card has the highest safety specifications, by combining the dynamic CVC and not having visible numbers; and for the first time meets the wishes of customers in that the physical card is enabled with technology for contactless payments at POS terminals and can be registered in different digital wallets such as Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay and soon in more wallets.

LikeU is the first credit card in Mexico that can be personalised. The card holder is the one who selects the benefits, services, insurance and assistance that they require from the Bank's app, when and for as long as they need them. Santander has therefore become the first bank in the country to incorporate the On Demand idea into financial services, allowing customers to pay only for what they need. LikeU does not have an annuity.

“The LikeU cards are the boldest evolutionary step that has been taken in the market in Mexico, since Santander launched the first Infoless cards two years ago to boost security. LikeU is an idea totally focused on the preferences and wishes of the customer, which therefore combines a unique digital experience, the highest security specifications and on demand financial services, for the first time ever, to personalise the card, and a strong social component with support for six of the causes most valued by customers given their social and environmental impact," said Matías Núñez Castro, Head of Payments at Santander Mexico, when the cards were presented.

At the event, Alejandro Cecchi, Deputy Director General of Strategy Business at Santander, stated that “given the impact that these cards will have due to their unique offer, the bank hopes to commercialise 1 million cards in the first year of launch. This represents a growth of 20%, compared to the bank's current numbers; as well as the fact that LikeU will change the model and offer of cards in the country, as it will set a new standard, empowering customers both by personalising the card and due to the social and environmental causes that they can support”.

Some of the benefits offered by LikeU Credit Cards are as follows: there is no annuity; the Loyalty Program offers one point for every USD in e-commerce; 30% discount and up to 18 months interest free on the first online purchase (cashback capped at $1,000 pesos); Bonus of up to three uses in recurring charges (bonus capped at $500 total in national currency); 2X1 at Cinépolis; 10% discount on Despegar; 30% bonus on ALSEA WOW rewards; three free months of UBERpass, and Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection with Mastercard Insurance.

Mexico is the first country in the Group to offer customers a credit card with these characteristics in its product range.

As of the second quarter of 2021, credit cards represented 7.2% of the Bank's total loan portfolio, with a volume of $50,989 million pesos.


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