Parallel Sessions

• Latin America’s choices: Trade, politics and prosperity with José Juan Ruíz (Moderator), Moisés Naím, Michael Reid and Esther Solano (Speakers)

• The Atlantic Alliance in a fragmenting world with Cristina Manzano (Moderator), Carlota García Encina, Anthony Gardner and Radoslaw Sikorski (Speakers)

 Deep-Dive: Audience Q&A with Bárbara Navarro and Eswar Prasad

  • Latin America’s choices: Trade, politics and prosperity

Latin America’s trade with China grew 26-fold between 2000 and 2020, replacing the U.S. as the top trade partner for most of the region, with the exception of Mexico. Meanwhile, the region’s politics have become increasingly polarized, testing democratic and institutional stability. What are the options for the region’s governments in managing the political and commercial opportunities and risks in a fragmenting world.

  • The Atlantic Alliance in a fragmenting world

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has revived the Atlantic Alliance and members’ commitment to NATO. That renewed unity has helped paper over deep divides that had been brewing over NATO’s mission and usefulness. The Biden Administration has reaffirmed U.S. commitment to multilateral solutions to shared challenges. U.S. politics, however, remain polarized. As the U.S: heads into mid-term elections, how durable is the U.S. commitment and ability to support this approach? What can this mean for businesses on both sides of the Atlantic?

  •  Deep-Dive: Audience Q&A with Bárbara Navarro