Electronic shareholders' forum

The Forum is reserved exclusively to the individual shareholders of the Company, as well as the voluntary associations of shareholders validly established and registered in the special register established for this purpose at the National Securities Market Commission in accordance with Section 539.2 of the Spanish Capital Corporations Law (Ley de Sociedades de Capital) and the implementing regulations thereof.

Individual shareholders and voluntary associations of shareholders must register as users of the Electronic Shareholders' Forum and obtain an access password in order to be able to access it with due guarantees.

Shareholders have at their disposal any of the following options to register as a user of the Forum:

  • Consumer Digital Banking Agreement: natural-person shareholders who have already signed the Consumer Digital Banking Agreement with the Bank may use said Agreement and access the Forum with the passwords that that they already have by virtue of said Agreement. Openbank security passwords may also be used for this purpose. lf a natural-person shareholder is a customer of the Bank and wishes to sign the Consumer Digital Banking Agreement, the shareholder may do so through Online Banking or go to the shareholder's branch.
  • Agreement for Access to Electronic Voting and Proxy-Granting and Remote Attendance: natural-person shareholders who do not have a Consumer Digital Banking Agreement and legal-entity shareholders (even if they have a Consumer Digital Banking Agreement) must sign, for the sole purpose of accessing and using the Forum and, if applicable, utilising the electronic voting and proxy-granting mechanisms, with no charge whatsoever by the Bank, an Agreement for access to and use of the a rea far electronic voting and proxy-granting and attendance at the general shareholders' meeting using remote means of communication ("Agreement for Access for Electronic Voting and Proxy-Granting and Re mote Attendance" or "Forum Access and Use Agreement"). To this end, shareholders must enter the "Request passwords" section of the electronic proxy-granting and voting prior to the meeting and remote attendance webpage of the Bank's corporate website (www.santander.com) or at the Bank’s wesite address www.juntasantander.com or, if using an Android- or Apple iOS-compatible mobile device, on the “Santander Shareholders and Investors” application, and follow, in each case, the instructions given therein. To finalise the process, they must sign the agreement:

- in person at a Banco Santander Branch;

- by selecting the “automatic online identification” mode and following the instructions provided, which include providing proof of identity in the form of an official identification document and signing the agreement with a digital signature without the need of electronic certificate; or

- through the Bank’s Internet address www.juntasantander.com, which can also be accessed through the corporate  website (www.santander.com) with a CERES electronic certificate issued by the Royal Spanish Mint  [Real Casa de la Moneda - Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (RCM - FNM)], or with an electronic Spanish identity card (DNI). It will not be possible to sign the agreement by means of a CERES electronic certificate or an electronic Spanish identity card (DNI) through mobile devices.

If a shareholder is a legal person it will not be allowed to select the second or the third option, and, as the case may be, must complete and sign the agreement at one of the Bank’s Branches. Shareholders that are not resident in Spain or have any specific characteristics, shall contact the Bank through junta.accionistas@santander.com.