Last update: 18/01/2023

In order to contribute to our employees' personal and professional development we are launching initiatives, such as the Young Leaders programme, aimed at identifying and developing talent.

Vinicius Vicente Coelho
Vinicius Vicente Coelho

“A bank is more than what we see in its branches.” That is the view of Vinicius Vicente Coelho, who is now a loans and products analyst for the SME banking sector at Santander Brazil, after taking part in the Young Leaders programme: an initiative aimed at training the Group's young adults all around the world and providing them with knowledge and skills for their professional development.

Because, for us, the professional growth of our employees is key to the future of the bank. For that reason, we place a particular emphasis on the training and development of our professionals. With programmes like Young Leaders, we foster this development, giving our employees the chance to work with colleagues from all around the globe and to contribute to our bank's strategy and transformation. 

“Young Leaders is an incredible programme: focusing on how we can become better in the future, acquiring knowledge and meeting people from around the world with great ideas,” explains Vinicius.

A total of 280 Santander employees, chosen by their colleagues, are taking part in this global programme that lasts for 18 months. Each of the Young Leaders can choose between a series of initiatives for their personal and professional development, according to their individual needs, with activities based around four development paths: contribute to Group strategy; greater exposure, through continuous interaction with the bank's senior executives; face new experiences, leaving their comfort zone and participating in current strategic projects; and grow as a leader, having being exposed to the latest strategic trends, businesses issues and digital transformation.

At Santander, we are firmly committed to innovation and digital transformation. Initiatives, like Young Leaders, are a way of developing the company's digital talent, who bring innovation with them into our teams. "According to our mind set, we always use agile methodologies, whatever we are working on," says Vinicius, who values Santander’s work in innovation, such as the Prospera programme, to provide platforms to enable Brazil’s disadvantaged communities to access banking services.

Because, for Vinicius, at Santander “there's a lot of magic and opportunities awaiting those people who want to do something with a purpose in their lives.” 

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