Last update: 10/04/2024

The rules of the game are in constant transition. Nothing is permanent. Our responsibility as citizens and as professionals is to understand, navigate and adapt to new challenges. Santander’s Young Leaders programme, now in its fourth year, seeks to help the Group’s employees develop. 

Companies would struggle for success without skilled and motivated teams. Responsible and smart businesses attract the best employees and help them grow personally and professionally. 

Talent management and retention is one of Santander’s top priorities. That’s why we run initiatives such as the Young Leaders programme to spot and develop internal talent. 

Young Leaders is a nine-month development programme for our younger employees to contribute to Grupo Santander’s strategy, increase their visibility, and grow as a leader through new experiences. 

Over 700 participants 

One of the programme’s key aims is to boost participants’ upskilling. In a world under constant transformation — largely driven by technology —, learning new skills and building on existing ones are key to people's careers.

Santander employees’ professional growth has a direct impact on the bank’s present and future. Over 200 employees from our various business units in the countries where we operate are participating in what is the programme’s fourth year. To boost their personal and career development, they engage in several initiatives and activities based on four growth pathways:

  1. Contribute to the Group's strategy while working with colleagues from other countries.
  2. Increase visibility through interaction with the bank’s senior managers.
  3. Take on new experiences out of their comfort zone.
  4. Bolster their leadership skills by delving into the latest business and digital transformation trends.

The programme seeks to create added value to the business in the short term and boost productivity thanks to the tools and perspective it provides. It has a direct impact on the participants as well as the people around them. By completing the YL24 programme, participants will be able to think more creatively and enhance their problem-solving skills by applying logic and fostering innovation that generates revenue and sustainable growth for Santander. 

The expected benefits for Young Leaders programme participants are:

  • Accelerate personal and professional growth.
  • Learn to attract and develop the talent of tomorrow.
  • Develop a group of “future agents” who can shape the future of the business and understand how to manage digitalization.
  • Adapt to uncertainty through curiosity and embrace change as business as usual.
  • Promote diversity through inclusion, innovation and a global culture.
  • Strengthen our One Santander culture and behaviours.

The 700-plus employees who have taken part in the programme since its launch in 2018 highlight how such a unique experience has helped them grow.

Young Leaders is a totally transformational experience. It's an extraordinary opportunity to broaden knowledge in innovative scenarios that are changing the way we do business in every sector. It provides space for self-learning and personal growth, which are fundamental pillars of leadership; creates an ideal environment to establish contacts; and opens up cooperation opportunities for employees in all the markets where we operate.

Nieves Texeira, Young Leaders programme participant

As part of our commitment to innovation and the Group’s digital transformation, initiatives such as Young Leaders are a bridge towards developing the company's digital talent and establishing more diverse teams and true human leadership.

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