In 2020, Banco Santander reached a milestone in becoming carbon-neutral. At the same time, Elmsbrook, a housing development near Bicester, 18 km northwest of Oxford, was taking its first steps in becoming the UK’s first eco town. Today this village of 400 energy-efficient homes with rooftop solar panels is helping take care of the planet. On its streets run electric buses and other sustainable automobiles.

Thanks to the hard work of those who believed in this dream to the very end, Elmsbrook is now an inspiration to other cities — and to us at Grupo Santander. For years, we’ve been finding solutions to help people and businesses prosper as they transition to a green economy. Our renewed partnership with Formula 1 (F1) as an official sponsor of Ferrari is part of that. We're standing with the Italian scuderia as it strives to achieve carbon-neutrality and a net-zero F1 by 2030. Our decarbonization solutions help the auto industry prosper and make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Elmsbrook, the UK’s first eco-town

For 70 years, Formula 1 has been the best testing ground for new technology, from aerodynamics to break design, with less fuel consumption and plans for the first carbon-neutral engine. Santander’s solutions will enable Ferrari to develop new tech and help make the auto industry more sustainable.

Our sponsorship and close cooperation with F1 owner Formula One Management (FOM) and Ferrari is an opportunity to drive change towards sustainable business models. We will help Ferrari reduce emissions and its carbon footprint to zero so it can soon become the “Elmsbrook” of racing. Together we're a team ready to green the auto industry, make it more sustainable and benefit broader society.  

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