Last update: 28/09/2020

Our dedication to equal opportunity to improve people’s lives has earned us recognition from Euromoney magazine as the world’s best bank for diversity and inclusion in 2020.

A diverse workforce enriches an organisation or group. Differences always add value, and society can only progress if it makes room for everyone. That is why we prioritise equality between men and women. Our actions to promote gender equality as well as inclusion and diversity have earned us recognition from Euromoney magazine as the world’s best bank for diversity and inclusion in 2020. Our purpose is to help people and businesses prosper through inclusivity and diversity.

We undertake several initiatives on closing the gender gap everywhere, from the job market to academia. We have launched the Banco Santander International Women’s Football Scholarships in partnership with AGM for young women aged between 16 and 20 to study and play football in the country encouraging it the most: the United States. The scholarships also bring them a step closer to fulfilling their dream of going pro in the ‘Mecca’ of women’s football.

How Santander supports female football through education

According to one of our scholarship recipients, Jimena Cabrero (in Atlanta), ‘It’s very exciting for me because I’m playing in the top country for women’s football in the world. This sport gives you so many opportunities and, if you work hard and don’t give up, you can achieve anything,’ she states. 

Jimena Cabrero, scholarship winner in Atlanta

Regina Fiabema
 is another young footballer enjoying this opportunity. ‘I got a scholarship to play football. At first, I didn’t know what I would find when I arrived in the United States. I had never been here before. But believing in yourself and working hard opens a lot of doors for you’, she explains. Today, she studies and plays at a university in New York.

Regina Fiabema, scholarship winner in New Yor

These young women footballers’ stories of hard work and persistence demonstrate that anything is possible in football. At Banco Santander, we promote this idea through Football Can, the group’s global strategy to foster the values of the beautiful game as an engine of change in society. We apply our principles of inclusion and diversity as the official sponsors of some of the best football in the world: LaLiga, the UEFA Champions League and the Copa Libertadores. We aspire to take on and elevate football’s key role in driving progress and social change.

These stories encourage us to continue promoting football as an opportunity to improve people’s lives, no matter their origin, gender or social level.

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