Last update: 21/07/2020

In Banco Santander we have an unwavering commitment to high-impact university entrepreneurship and to contributing solutions to the challenges that the global pandemic has left us. We have managed to bring together both priorities through the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge, a call for young entrepreneurs which announced the 20 winners of the current edition, which has received more than 2,200 proposals.

In more than six weeks, Santander X Tomorrow Challenge received over 2,200 solutions to the problems caused by covid-19. Entrepreneurs from 35 countries took part in this Banco Santander global challenge through Santander Universities. 

Awarded Projects

After an exhaustive evaluation, 40 of them faced an exceptional jury, who selected the 20 winners of 20.000€ in cash each. Also mentoring, roadshows with investors and promotion. During the final event, we knew the names of the 20 winners, five per category, as we can see next. 


HumanITcare (Spain). AI Remote telemedicine platform. 

Lexgo (Chile). Automated legal services for Latam companies.

VU Security (Spain). Frictionless fraud prevention and identity protection.

Komodore (Spain). Guest management solution for tourist lodging.

Mater Dynamics (Portugal).  Convertion of non-electronic objects into smart products.


WConnect (Brazil). This company has created “Simples Receita”, a platform that connects, doctor, patient and pharmacy to sell online prescription drugs.

Motion Miners (Germany). Analysis and optimization of manual processes to prevent infections using AI sensors. 

Flicq (EEUU). Remote monitoring system in real time for industrial equipment.

Bewica (United Kindgdom). Tools and training platform to ensure cyber security in organizations. 

Fofuuu (Brazil). Gamified and remote therapy activities for children with disabilities.


Ada ITW (Argentina). Soft skills online training to connect women with job opportunities. 

Arcux (Peru). Democratic access to better online knowledge in architecture and construction. 

BEDU (Mexico). Digital and technological training for low income people.

Zapiens Technologies (Spain). They empower teams with learning and instant access to corporate knowledge

Filmpedia (Spain). Video learning platform to transform existing media content in learning initiatives.


Connecting Visions (Spain). Identification of available talent after Covid-19 crisis.

Service Club Delivery (Spain). Hospitality recruitment plaftorm, transformed, after Covid-19 crisis in an “essential workers” recruitment plaftorm.

Woke (Mexico). professional ecosystem for the independent work community

Sumá (Brazil. Online solution that connects farmers and food buyers.  

Taqe (Brazil). Employment and profesional skills ecosystem. 


We have gained in diversity

Women sent in 28% of Santander X Tomorrow Challenge entries. Whereas reports like Crunchbase's "Funding to the Female Founders" (2019) released in March highlight the increase in women founders of start-ups to 20% of the total in 2019 (from 10% in 2009), their 28% share in the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge marks a jump of several percentage points in average women entrepreneurship in Spain and internationally. Santander Universities has spent years working to promote women entrepreneurship.

We also received entrepreneurs from 35 countries around the world presented ideas for the reconstruction, mainly from Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and the United Kingdom.

Our support of higher education

The Santander X Tomorrow Challenge is a further example of the institution's commitment to high-impact university entrepreneurship, articulated through the Santander X international project. Its aim is to support and accompany young entrepreneurs throughout their entrepreneurial journey. 

The more than 2,500 solutions presented to Santander X Tomorrow Challenge have resulted in 987 university start-ups. This is a testament to how an entrepreneurship community can generate a high impact by bringing together the required resources to set up a business: talents, customers and funding.

We are firmly committed to progress and inclusive, sustainable growth, with a long-standing dedication to higher education that sets it apart from the world's other financial institutions. With more than EUR 1,800 million invested in academic initiatives since 2002 through Santander Universities and over 430,000 university scholarships and grants awarded since 2005, it has been recognised as the company that invests the most in education worldwide (Varkey/UNESCO, Fortune 500 Report), with 1,000 agreements in place with universities and institutions in 22 countries.

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