SMEs’ journey to digital transformation

18.00 to 19.00 CET

Welcome to Santander Work Café’s first One Europe Talks. Our branch model,  which combines a bank and a café, offers events, talks, workshops, conferences and courses.  Society and customers in one country can have the same concerns and interests as in other countries. 

Santander is seeking to leverage both technology and its presence in Spain, the UK, Poland and Portugal to offer customers and non-customers access to virtual talks on matters they care about. Talks will be available in Spanish, English, Polish and Portuguese.

  Virtual meeting: “The journey to the digital transformation of SMEs”

The first talk will look at how the Cloud helps enterprises accelerate their digital transformation. Juan Olaizola, Banco Santander’s head of T&O in Europe, and David Hurtado, Customer Success Innovation Lead at Microsoft, will explain major challenges and give recommendations for the digital journey, starting with such basic things as cloud-based office software, cloud-based accounting solutions, e-commerce and cybersecurity. They will tell us how companies’ general starting point for innovation (artificial intelligence, APIs, etc.) is personal productivity and email tools prior to infrastructure and data. The four pillars this journey stands on are customers, employees, services and products, all interconnected by data.

In addition, an SME will share its own digital transformation experience to drive business. Pablo Nuño, CEO and founder of Manolo Bakes, will talk about his company's first steps with the Cloud.

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