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Fourth Santander Scholarship Day: Education that you can touch

Ulrich Leuschner, CEO Santander Consumer Bank AG, and Alberto Dörr, Head of Santander Univisersities Germany, surrounded by the scholarship students.
  • Invitation to the headquarter in Mönchengladbach
  • Career advice and inspiration from the head of Santander Consumer Bank Germany

Mönchengladbach, 31 May 2017. Many students sponsored by Santander followed the invitation of Santander Universities and met in the “4th Santander Scholarship Day” in Mönchengladbach. In addition to the networking between donors and grantees, the focus was on the personal and professional development of the students.

“Every scholarship student has his individual story. During the Scholarship Day we have the opportunity to get to know the students personally and to support their individual development beyond financial aid”, explained Alberto Dörr, Director of Santander Universities, the commitment of the Santander Consumer Bank. Simultaneously the students had the opportunity to personally get to know their conveyors. In a question-and-answer session, Urlich Leuschner, head of Santander Consumer Bank Germany, answered questions about career management, success and motivation. “You have to want responsibility, you have to want leadership”, Ulrich Leuschner addressed the topic “Teamwork” of the workshop and recommended to the students to be honest with themselves concerning their career choice.

It was an inspiring and enriching day: “Today I not only got to know the bank and the other scholarship students better, but also myself and my place  in a team”, Max Piochowiak, former Santander scholar, summarized his insights of the day.

In the context of social engagement Santander maintains meanwhile worldwide partnerships with more than 1,200 universities and research centres. Santander in Germany, through Santander Universities, maintains 13 cooperations with partner universities and one cooperation with the “Deutscher Hochschulverband” (DHV).

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