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Cool projects? How about working on robotizing mortgage payments in Poland (Disponible solo en inglés)

Katarzyna explains how optimizing processes has a significant positive impact on people’s day to day leading to higher satisfaction.

Your name: Katarzyna Wójtowicz
Your current role and division: Manager in Mortgage Credits Team
With Santander since: 2005

¿Why do you consider Santander a great place to work?

Working with great people with different experiences, supporting each other in everyday situations, variety of interesting and developing tasks, the ability to support local communities in CSR projects are the main reasons why Santander is a great place to work.

Tell us how you have an impact on our clients #TheSantanderEffect
In the mortgage center, where I work, we are looking for new solutions that improve processes. Many processes have been robotized. It has an effect on speed and quality of tasks, which translates into customer satisfaction.

¿What was your most important development moment/learning?
In the development process, it was important for me to work on a project of robotize mortgage payments. The implementation of the project was not easy due to the complexity of the process. Despite difficult moments, mutual support, cooperation and action for a common goal, it influenced the success of the Project.

¿How would you describe our digital and cultural transformation?
The Bank's transformation into new ways of working using digital technologies is necessary to quickly respond to customer needs. Participating in this process is the opportunity to learn and develop in new areas, get to know and cooperate with new people. By developing ourselves, we develop the Bank in which we work.

¿What is the most exciting part of your job?

Morning coffee with colleguages :) The atmosphere at work, the diversity of tasks, working with people from different units, exchange of experiences, continuous development through new tasks.

Anything you think we should mention to potential candidates
Train hard and feel good ? At work, we often face difficult tasks. Working on solutions is the best source of learning and development. This opportunity is provided by work at Santander Bank Polska SA.

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