A safer and simpler way to pay with an iPhone or Apple Watch

Lisbon, 4 August 2020. 
Santander customers can now use Apple Pay to make payments simply and safely without a bankcard or cash. Customers need only place their iPhone or Apple Watch near a POS terminal to pay with contactless technology. All payments are authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID or the device passcode.

Customers can also use Apple Pay on iPhones, iPads and MacBook to shop online quickly and efficiently on apps or Safari, without creating a new account or filling out forms.

All Apple Pay payments are secure and private. When a payment is made, Apple Pay uses a specific card number; the card's original number is never stored on the device or Apple's servers nor shared by Apple with retailers.

Apple Pay is easy to set up. On iPhones, it only requires opening the Wallet app and adding a Santander debit or credit card. When customers add Apple Pay to a device, they can use it immediately to make payments.

This new development is part of Santander's ambition to simplify customers' finances with new solutions to pay for purchases on any mobile device in the world, simply, quickly and safely.

For all information about Apple Play, visit https://www.apple.com/pt/apple-pay/ or the bank's website at http://www.santander.pt/cartoes/pagamentos-digitais/apple-pay