Initially, 50 scooters will no longer release around 20 tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere – this initiative reinforces the bank's sustainability principles.

The vehicles and their helmets will be unlocked for use and later locked for return from the Riba Motos application; scooter share is available for Santander customers and non-customers.

São Paulo, 24 January 2022.
Santander Brazil is sponsoring a pioneering electric-scooter sharing project in São Paulo. From 25 January, 50 Riba scooters will be distributed to strategic points in the capital's southern area. This service is available for Santander customers and non-customers. The initiative, which should be expanded in the future, reinforces the bank's sustainability principles for urban mobility. In one year, these vehicles will no longer release around 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In this first phase, scooters can only be shared in the following neighbourhoods: Campo Belo, Vila Olímpia, Itaim Bibi, Jardim Paulistano, Jardim Paulista and Cerqueira César. The vehicles are available every day from 06.00 to 23.00 and may be parked in any public parking space for motorbikes.

"Santander has joined an increasing number of projects aimed at improving life in big cities. One such example is our partnership with this scooter sharing scheme, which helps mobility, since they are an accessible means of transport, and improves the air we breathe", said Carolina Learth, head of Sustainability at Santander Brazil. In addition to not releasing carbon dioxide, electric scooters are noiseless and, as such, help reduce sound pollution in the city.

The Riba application
The Riba application

With a valid credit card, the Riba application can be used to unlock the vehicles for use. The app is also used to return them. The scooters are insured against accidents, tracked in real time and cannot travel faster than 50 km/h. Helmets are mandatory and drivers must be of legal age and have a category A driving licence. The company is responsible for changing the batteries and performing preventive maintenance.

The scooters can be rented for R$5.90 for the first 10 minutes and R$0.75 for every additional minute. In a simulation, the company has calculated a cost of R$22.80 with a car application and R$9.65 with the scooters, for the same journey. By public transport, the cost would be R$4.40 but the journey time would be at least four times longer than the estimated length for Riba vehicles.

This is Santander's second partnership with Riba. In August 2021, the bank financed 36 electric scooters for a pilot project with Domino's chain of pizza shops. The scooters are used to deliver the pizzas in São Paulo. Santander also offers a credit line for anyone who wishes to buy the brand's electric scooter models.