80,000 units are already available across Brazil. The product is the first of its kind on the card-acquiring market, and it aims to reduce the impact of card terminals, helping to give the retail industry more sustainable payment methods.

As part of its commitment to making its operations more sustainable, Getnet Brazil, a payment technology and solutions company that is a subsidiary of PagoNxt has just launched the first card machine made from recycled parts from waste electrical equipment. This ground-breaking advance in the card-acquiring market has been brought about in partnership with other players, such as Newland, Paytec and Brasil Reverso.

From now on, all Getnet machines, model POS 3G with Wi-Fi and delivered by NewLand, will be manufactured using recycled components. Getnet expects to deliver some 150,000 terminals of this type to approximately 20,000 customers across Brazil before the end of the year.

"Our business model, culture and values are increasingly aligned with the positive impact that we want to have on society and the environment. We are evolving under the concept of circularity across our supply chain to offer a more sustainable solution for the life cycle of our products. We will continue with our research to progress on this front, and we hope that other companies in our sector will follow our example", said Luciano Ferrari, Vice-President of Investor Relations and ESG at Getnet.

Once returned to Getnet's inventory, all rental machines undergo a rigorous technical and aesthetic laboratory process conducted by Paytec, one of the biggest logistics operators for payment method products and services in Latin America.

Equipment that is not in good enough condition to be reused is disassembled and separated into its component parts so that it can be disposed of properly. These materials are then sent to the machine manufacturer NewLand. Using a recycling process, they use the waste components to make the parts needed to make a new POS of the same quality and efficiency as devices not made from recycled material.

"This waste becomes supply material for new devices. In other words, new machines with components recycled from devices that would ordinarily be thrown away. This circularity increases the efficiency of our equipment inventory, reduces electronic waste production and ensures that the proper waste process is followed", stated Ferrari.

During this initial phase, Getnet managed to recycle 42% of its devices that would usually go to waste, and the company has plans to go even further with this project. The next steps will be increasing the amount of recycled parts in the manufacturing process and also using them in other terminal models. "We are going to get the other suppliers in our supply chain thinking about more circular solutions for this process, widening the recycled product format and looking to increase the number of terminals included in the concept of circularity as much as we possibly can", the executive added.

Reverse logistics for the reuse of devices is also a constant at Getnet. In the third quarter of this year alone, the company managed to reuse more than 235,000 payment machines, which returned to the market in excellent working condition, avoiding the disposal of 10 tonnes of electronic material.

Getnet has been carbon neutral since 2016 and is implementing projects to become net zero. In partnership with its suppliers, it is progressing with its challenges and research to reduce the carbon emissions of its operations. The company hopes to encourage the whole payment method sector to evolve together to achieve more sustainable initiatives for the ecosystem and for customers.

About Getnet Brazil
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