The International Banking Conference has become a world reference event in the financial sector. The conference will examine how, as we face a turning point, we will require a new sense of purpose in which all actors - people, businesses, governments, educators, NGOs and multilateral organizations - embrace our roles and responsibilities to one another and to society.

Conference opening

Ana Botín

The Climate Challenge, Commitment and COP26

Moderator: James Harding

Speakers: Ana Botín, Håkan Samuelsson, Theodor Weimer and Bill Winter

Europe’s crossroads: Beyond the pandemic

Moderator: James Harding

Speakers: Danuta Hübner, Irene Tinagli and Guntram Wollf

Lessons learned and the future for pandemics

Moderator: Pablo Marina

Speakers: Sir Jeremy Farrar

Bridging the Great Divide: Post-pandemic challenges and emerging economies

Moderator: James Harding

Speakers: Charles Goodhart, Susana Malcorra and Luis Alberto Moreno

Regulatory Reset: Financial services and rules of the game in an economy in transformation

Moderator: Alejandra Kindelán

Speaker: José Antonio Álvarez, Burkhard Balz, Pablo Hernández de Cos and Fernando Restoy

Global outlook / digital currencies / tech in markets

Moderator: James Harding

Speakers: Tobías Adrián


Nadia Calviño


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