Germán de la Fuente Escamilla

Non-executive director (independent)

Board member since 2022.

Nationality: Spanish. Born in 1964 in Madrid, Spain.

Education: Degree in Economics and Business Administration with a diploma in auditing from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Experience: Mr de la Fuente has spent his professional career at Deloitte, where he has been Head of the audit business for the financial services industry (2002–2007), managing partner of Audit & Assurance (2007-2021) in Spain, and Chair and CEO of Deloitte, S.L. (2017-2022). He was also a member of the global board of directors of the firm from 2012 to 2016 and of the global audit and risk services committee until June 2021. He has been involved in auditing major Spanish financial groups and in multiple consulting and advisory projects.

Membership of board committees: Audit committee (Chair), and risk supervision, regulation and compliance committee.

Ms. Germán de la Fuente Escamilla