Our cyber tips are now also available as useful infographics, so you can easily remember them. Don’t forget to share with others, so they can also have a more secure digital life.


Protect your information and equipment

Following these tips when shopping online will help you keep your information safe.



Be discreet online and in public

Keep track of what you share and whom you share it with.



Think before you click or reply

Somethings aren’t what the seem, don´t rush and ask yourself these questions. 



Keep your passwords safe

What’s your password strategy? Ours is to use a passphrase. 



If you suspect it, report it

Being cyber aware is about protecting yourself and alerting others. 


Cybersecurity Stories
Be discreet, keep your plays close

In an off-guard moment, a coach reveals their new offence strategy to winning the upcoming derby. Suddenly, the rival has a way of anticipating the plays, beating them at the game. In the same way cybercriminals can sometimes use the information they find in the public domain for targeted phishing messages.

Cybersecurity Stories
Stay alert, don’t let phishing score

Our passion about football is just as strong as our passion for a safe digital life. Keeping our rivals away from the goal takes practice, good tactics and a solid defence. That’s why we think football and cyber security make a great team.

Cybersecurity Stories
Keep your area and passwords safe

In your digital life, like in any match, a good defence strategy is key to keep the opponent away from your area. Creating strong unique passwords for your accounts helps you protect your information. Keep your passwords safe with these tactics.

Cybersecurity Stories
Be a team player, alert others

Preventing goals is not the goal keeper´s only task, they also have to be the eyes for the team. From their position they can spot the plays other team members can´t, and when that happens, they always let them know. What you spot online matters to everyone, so when you see something suspicious, report it!

Cybersecurity Stories
Protect your team and information

In football, there is always a member of the opposing team looking for the right opportunity to score. Protect your plays. Keeping safe online requires taking the right steps to protect your information and devices.