At Grupo Santander, we believe digitalization paves the way for progress in the 21st century. Our commitment to cloud computing services puts us firmly on track to achieving solutions and value propositions for our customers and SMEs with the innovation and agility digitalization affords us. 

At Santander, we’re undergoing an exciting digital transformation that pushes us to be better for our customers, investors and people every day. We’re enhancing our cloud technologies to increase efficiency and gather the key technical elements to generate value propositions for our customers that align with the demands of the digital world we live in. 

The hybrid cloud at Santander, a global effort

Our journey to the cloud across our entire footprint began in 2019. We drew up a global framework for the group with a single cloud provider, which helped train our teams to use those new technologies.

Following these initial steps, the group has come of age in the use of cloud technology across the board. In 2020, we launched a global multi-cloud strategy which set out another framework with a different cloud provider. This enabled each entity to adapt to the cloud at their own pace according to their capabilities.

How Santander’s hybrid cloud helps SMEs

As the economic engine that drives society forward, SMEs are our priority. CEO and Founder of Manolo Bakes Pablo Nuño told us about his company's first foray into the cloud, illustrating how technology guides SMEs on such an important path for their growth as digitalization, where the cloud plays a pivotal role. 

At Banco Santander, our pursuit of innovation and corporate culture in recent decades has led us to provide continuous training and implement new methodologies to change the way we work, design and develop our products and services.

By transforming our relationship with technology, and attracting talented people, we’ve become a benchmark in the banking industry and in helping people and businesses prosper.

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