Gender equality is key for the growth of society in all countries. Businesses play a crucial role, laying the foundations for communities’ economic and social development. The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index tracks the work of companies in this area on a global level every year. Santander has regularly achieved one of the highest scores in this index, demonstrating a strong commitment to equality. 

The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index measures the importance of gender equality for companies worldwide, through the policies the implement for their workforce as well as their commitment to the communities in which they operate.

The 2020 index evaluated 6,000 companies in 84 countries, with 322 companies finally included. The companies who have disclosed their gender data account for a combined market capitalisation of over $14 trillion.

These firms included represent those most committed to gender equality, showing high levels of female representation at executive level, and providing the best policies for and benefits of parity, according to the GEI. They all play a crucial role. The measures put into place on a daily basis and the results gathered are the steps that lead to a more equal future, as shown by the figures. According to the GEI data, the number of women in executive positions at the companies in the ranking increased by 40% between 2014 and 2017. Furthermore, nearly 34% of these companies have programmes to hire women who want to return work after a career break. The gender pay gap requires in-depth work: 60% of GEI companies carry out compensation reviews to detect gender-based salary disparities. 

30 %

women leaders, our commitment for 2025

30 %

women leaders, our commitment for 2025

Santander’s work on gender equality

Our work, day in and day out, to achieve gender equality is extensive and consists of multiple measures, which is why Santander is regularly listed on the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. 

We have committed to increasing the percentage of women in senior management positions to at least 30% and to closing any pay gap identified by 2025. We are the only Spanish bank with a woman chairman at the helm, and among the companies on the Ibex 35, the benchmark stock market index of the Spanish stock exchange, with the highest percentage of female board members (40%).

Our policies serve as evidence that equal opportunities among men and women are a priority for Santander. For example, we launched the first investment fund in Spain aimed at companies that promote equality.

Santander operates in many countries with a high degree of cultural diversity, where we work on programmes that favour equality. These include the “Generación 81” programme to help accelerate women’s progress in Spain, or the “Accelerating You” programme in the United Kingdom. 

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