Santander aims to support customers, communities and employees in digital growth and encourages you to follow our five tips to stay safe online.

The changes witnessed across the globe during the first half of 2020 have caused billions of people to connect with their families, friends and colleagues remotely. That’s why this year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is more important than ever. We want everyone to benefit from the advantages of digital technology.

We are continuously looking for new ways to increase safe online practice through new content and awareness campaigns on multiple channels. That’s why we are sharing our easy-to-follow cyber tips.

Five Tips in Five Rules

We believe cybersecurity is for everyone and should be simple to understand and follow. Santander’s five cyber tips help you be safer online. Check out our educational charts available for download:

For more information, visit our website and become a cyber hero.


We are as passionate about online safety as we are about football. As in the beautiful game, only training, good tactics and a solid defence can keep us secure in an increasingly digital world.

As proud sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, and together with brand ambassador and football legend Ronaldo Nazário, we explain our cyber tips and vison of cybersecurity in a fun way through the language of football.

Practice your skills and online tactics during October to stay ahead of your opponents. Visit A Safer Crowd for more information.

Cyber initiatives in our communities

In addition to our global cybersecurity awareness campaign, our local banks have set up specific initiatives to raise awareness of online protection and fraud:

  • Santander UK challenged poets such as Pam Ayres and Suli Breaks to turn financial crimes into rhymes. Using scammers’ slang, they've written their own #ScamSonnets to help people spot the signs of investment fraud. Get more info on this initiative here.
  • Santander Argentina hosted an Instagram live event with online fraud expert Jorge Litvin and renowned journalist Ramón Indart, where they spoke about recent online scam trends and how to spot them.
  • In Spain, Santander and SCIB recently hosted a joint event for GTB Corporate Clients detailing key cyber trends, including ransomware, remote access tools (RAT) and business email compromise (a type of phishing).
  • Santander Poland is using well-known Polish proverbs on Facebook to explain our five cyber tips. The first one challenges you to look a gift horse in the mouth, or rather, ’Think before you click’, because some offers are too good to be true. 

Cybersecurity is our priority

In addition to the steps all individuals should take to protect their data and online presence, we offer many services and tools to help our customers:

  • A new ‘numberless’ credit card in Mexico, which uses a dynamic PIN on customers’ phones.
  • In Spain, in-app push notifications as an alternative to text notifications to better protect customers against SIM card fraud.
  • Extensive awareness campaigns and support for people in Chile, including conferences on cyber incident prevention for small businesses.
  • The use of biometrics to identify customers in Brazil (since 2014) and now launching in Mexico.
  • Online protection courses for the over 65s in the UK.
  • Financial education and awareness programmes through social media and customer communications in all of Santander’s core markets.

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