Last update: 27/06/2023

To exert a positive influence, to build a team by valuing and motivating each member to achieve their objectives, and to create a sense of belonging are all part of being a leader. At Santander, we believe that the growth of the business and of our leaders takes place through continuous learning and collaboration. We seek leaders with a growth mindset to lead strong, cohesive, and capable teams.

The world is constantly changing and the complexity of its global challenges requires strategic vision and teamwork. It is no longer about what people and businesses do, but how they evolve together. Thus, we need leaders who can ensure a future-proof transition, overcoming barriers and fulfilling our purpose of helping people and businesses thrive. These are leaders who grow and drive growth.

Inspired by this vision, Santander is taking learning to the next level and transforming leadership to meet strategic needs through elevate: a global executive learning ecosystem available to 2,200 Santander leaders in 26 countries. 

In 2022, senior officers, who benefit from Elevate program, obtained an over achieved and exceptional performance of 21.11 percentage point above the group’s average.

This global leadership development model relies on our combination of local leadership and global scale, enhancing both and being a factor that contributes to 30% of the current revenue and a top 3 position in profitability in 9/10 markets. The elevate ecosystem has also developed growth opportunities for Santander related to customer centricity and ESG through global and digital synchronous sessions, and 5 waves of specialised hybrid programmes.

The elevate ecosystem consists of five simultaneous learning spaces with closely connected objectives:

  • elevate | programmes: formal, structured learning experiences with advanced learning to rise up to the business challenges through strategy, inspiring inclusion, and fostering agile working and innovation.
  • elevate | contents: a vast repository of resources from experts and sources, available on demand.
  • elevate | sharing: sessions led by renowned experts to help add value to Santander’s culture and promote networking.
  • elevate | skills: specialised sessions to learn, enhance and transform critical skills and behaviours to promote leadership and learning.
  • elevate | listening: individual coaching, peer-to-group mentoring and deep conversation initiatives to enhance leadership development.

The resulting experience aims to offer our executives a modular, global, scalable, flexible and digital model for learning. An experience that promotes collaboration and networking to generate real change by transforming skills, mindsets and ways of working of the participants, while they learn, gain experience and connect.

There is no improvement without change and no impact without progress. By encouraging executives to advance in this path, elevate has become one of the main levers for leadership transformation in Santander. We will be able to drive sustainable growth of the business and people, growing together as a team #OneSantander.

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