Exerting a positive influence, building a team, valuing team members, motivating them to achieve objectives and creating a sense of belonging are all part of being a leader. At Santander, we believe in coming up with novel ways to lead better. 

Digitalization is changing the world and how we live in it. It’s no longer about what people and businesses do, but how they evolve together. Leadership and other skills are key for executives who oversee large teams.

As times change, Santander is taking training to the next level. We're transforming leadership to meet strategic needs through “Elevate”. It's a continuous learning ecosystem available to some 2,200 executives in 26 countries.

Elevate consists of five modules with closely-connected objectives:

  • Elevate programmes: Formal, structured courses to teach strategy and inspire inclusion, agile working and innovation.
  • Elevate contents: A vast library of material from renowned authors and experts, available on demand.
  • Elevate sharing: Sessions to help add value to Santander’s culture and promote networking.
  • Elevate skills: Sessions to learn, enhance and transform critical skills and behaviours to promote leadership and learning.
  • Elevate listening: Individual coaching and peer-to-group mentoring to aid development.

This new cultural experience aims to offer our executives a modular, global, scalable, flexible and digital space for learning. Thus, participants’ transform the way they think and work while they learn, gain experience and connect.

By encouraging executives to champion change throughout Santander, Elevate is quickly becoming one of the bank’s transformation drivers. There’s no improvement without change and no impact without progress. Transformation needs high impact leaders.

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