Last update: 17/11/2023

International mobility is an essential component for the development of an organisation and an appreciation of multicultural approaches is a benefit to any employee's career. The Santander World Programme is an initiative that allows our employees to broaden their knowledge, develop new skills and share their experiences with colleagues from other countries. 

Since it began in 2008, more than 1,900 people of 28 nationalities have taken part in Santander World Programme.

In a globally connected world where communication between countries is immediate and work relationships are more and more flexible, international mobility drives the development of companies and their employees.

The Santander World Programme allows Group employees to participate in Bank projects in other countries to foster talent and professional development. For three months, programme participants take on a new professional challenge, where they acquire new knowledge and skills that enrich their professional future. 

One example of this is the case of André Novo, an employee at Santander Brazil who had the chance to work in Spain, thanks to the Santander World Programme. During his stay in Spain, André learned to analyse the global offer of other banks and to compare them with Banco Santander's global offer and create strategies to improve our services. 

I had the chance to learn about different markets and how business works in each of them, André Novo, Santander Brazil employee

André Novo, employee at Santander Brazil

Since it began in 2008, more than 1,900 people of 28 nationalities have taken part in the programme.

Santander World is also an excellent opportunity for sharing experiences with colleagues from different countries and cultures. “You can put all of your knowledge into practice, working on a project that is going to have an impact in the country you are in. And all the while learning a different language. And you also have the chance to experience a different culture and meet new people," points out André.

Through Santander World, our employees discover different tools and methods for solving the issues that crop up along the way. “The challenge of being alone in a new country for three months helped me to become more communicate in order to make friends, talk to them and ask about how things worked there," explains André.

Santander World offers our people the chance to meet and work with people with other cultures and working methods. The aim of these kinds of programmes is for our employees to return to their original countries as André returned to his: “A professional with lots of experience, knowledge, a new language and friends that will be with me throughout my life and career."

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