At Santander, we’re helping CO2 Revolution reforest Alto Tajo Nature Reserve in Guadalajara, Spain, in a project that combines cutting-edge technology and humanitarianism to give life back to the acres razed by wildfires in 2012. 

Juan Carlos Sesma was sure of one thing when he returned from Latin America in 2016: climate change was going to be more devastating than predicted. An emergency was fast approaching, so he created CO2 Revolution to handle it. Today, CO2 Revolution has more official Carbon Bonds certified by Spain’s Ministry of Transition than any other company in the country owing to smart planting services for communities, organizations and institutions that seek to offset their carbon footprints.

Story about reforesting Alto Tajo Nature Reserve
Story about reforesting Alto Tajo Nature Reserve

Both Santander and CO2 Revolution place high value on sustainability, innovation, inclusion, and carbon footprint reduction. That’s why we’re supporting the project to reforest Alto Tajo Nature Reserve, which combines technology and social action to achieve a common objective: make the countryside razed by wildfire nine years ago green again. The project flies drones that spread smart seeds (iSeeds) in the most suitable areas the fire had destroyed using big data about the ecosystem. Meanwhile, people at risk of social exclusion perform painstaking work on the ground according to traditional planting methods in a learning experience that promotes their personal growth and career development

This extraordinary project, which will replant 150,000 trees and offset more than 9,200 tonnes of carbon, is the largest operation of its kind in Spain to date. 

Our commitment to sustainable future today

At Santander, we work every day to be a more environmentally responsible bank. Although we still have a long way to go, we’ve made some great accomplishments. We’ve cut down the carbon dioxide (CO2) we release and developed an carbon offset programme through such initiatives as the CO2 Revolution project to become carbon neutral

We are global leaders in renewable energy finance, and our ambitious plan also sets out to help organizations with their ecological transition to a green economy, mobilize EUR 220,000 million in green funding by 2030 and much more.

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