Agroatlas has 200 hectares of arable land in Morocco, where its 2,000 employees work day in, day out to grow green beans for major supermarkets. Santander has backed this sustainable, organic food producer through the Smart Fund, designed to promote innovative and inclusive initiatives that make waves in the market.

Women make up 70% of Agroatlas’ 2,000 employees, who  work throughout the year on over 200 hectares, mainly in Morocco, to harvest green beans. The company sells its produce in large supermarket chains in Spain, championing the environment and inclusivity, as well as focusing on its employees’ personal betterment. 

The company has programmes to enhance the role of women and promote equal opportunity among its employees. Its production company, Nature Growers, has its own houses to ensure a good work-life balance. It also contributes to the education of its employees’ children by providing school supplies at the beginning of the academic year, and has a nursery for children up to six, which is when compulsory education begins in Morocco.

Agroatlas employees
Agroatlas employees

Smart Fund benefits

Agroatlas benefits from the Santander Smart Fund for initiatives with sustainable, innovative and digital growth potential. Thanks to the Fund, it has secured the necessary funding to expand. 

Support from Santander has given Agroatlas the impetus to expand its greenhouses and arable land (which are mainly in Morocco) and increase the presence of its products in large food outlets in several countries. 

“The bank believed in us and, since the first loan, our  annual growth has increased from 15% to 30%-50%. We couldn’t have done it without [Santander]”, says CEO Ricardo Menoyo.

Menoyo firmly believes in the value of improving the lives of those around us through inclusion, social impact and progress. At Santander, we couldn’t agree more. Diversity, inclusion and sustainability are what drive our day to day, while we work to provide support, advice and support to SMEs

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