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We hope you enjoy your day at the MK pride festival and get chance to experience everything on offer. If you’re interested in finding out more about life at Santander, please click the link below.

At Santander our core values champion inclusivity for our people, and the communities that we are part of. To celebrate inclusivity, we’re delighted to sponsor the 2022 Milton Keynes Pride Festival.  Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds, and so do our people. We aim to reflect and celebrate diversity in our workplace in order to create an inclusive culture that adds real value to our business. Don’t just take our word from it, hear from some of our people here…

Santander's people
Santander's people

Our Embrace Network

“When the police were trying to (unsuccessfully) stuff Stormé DeLarverie into the back of their car during the raid on the Stonewall Inn in 1969, she turned to the crowd that was standing around here and said to them ‘Why don’t you do something?!’ Perhaps that was the spark that lit the fire of the uprisings, because they absolutely ‘did something’. Those 3 nights of uprising was the latest in a string of civil disobediences that eventually led to what we now celebrate – Pride.

For me, remembering the roots of Pride, that it’s about ‘doing something’, about making the world a better place – that’s what makes it special. Pride is also a chance for us to celebrate our existence, and while still calling attention to what needs to be done next. At Santander that’s exactly what we strive to do in the Embrace Network, we do so many ‘somethings’! Gender neutral WCs, lobbying for equal marriage in NI, pronouns on badges and signatures, non gendered uniforms, transition support, education campaigns, awareness events, supporting local communities and so much more. Our membership has grown and now we help establish Embrace Networks in other countries – all to help push forward on rights for all LGBTQ+ people. We know that we get the best out of people when we empower them to be their whole selves and that’s exactly what my career at Santander has been about. Empowerment. Authenticity. Doing something. Come visit us at MK Pride Fest and learn more – we can’t wait to meet you!” TJ Richards- National Embrace Co-Chair


Our commitment to inclusivity is what makes us a great place to work, and we regularly receive recognition for our approach to inclusion, belonging and wellbeing at Santander. We’re proud to feature in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index, where we hold a Gold Award for our commitment to LGBTQ+, along with The Times Top 50 for Women and in the Top 20 of the Social Mobility Employer Index, and Inclusion.

We also hold awards for Best Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy from Workplace Savings and Benefits, Best for Mental Health and Wellbeing by Working Families and Large Financial Services Employer of the Year award from InsideOut.

We’re also accredited as a Disability Confident Leader, a Carer Confident Employer, a Tommy’s Pregnancy & Parenting at Work Champion and proud member of The Smallest Things Hall of Fame for our support for our people whose babies are born prematurely.

Our approach

At Santander UK we aim to be the place all our people feel they belong and are supported to succeed. This support includes how we create an environment that supports members of the LGBTQ+ community to thrive and succeed, as well as fostering allyship at all levels of the organisation. Our culture promotes respectful curiosity and encourages our people to build deeper connections with those around them.

Laura, a Santander UK worker during Pride
Laura, a Santander UK worker during Pride

“This is the second time that Santander UK has sponsored Milton Keynes Pride Festival and it’s great to see it grow every year, testament to the importance the day has to the local LGBTQ+ community.

When we were approached to sponsor, we didn’t hesitate in saying yes! As one of the largest local employers we know how important it is to further demonstrate our commitment to the great city of Milton Keynes.

It’s not just about bricks and mortar, although I’m really looking forward to Unity Place opening next year, it’s about supporting our people to be able to be their true authentic selves.

As well as being the bank’s Chief Financial Officer I’ve been the Executive Sponsor of our LGBTQ+ people network Embrace for just over a year.  Over the last 12 months I’ve learned a huge amount about what makes up the community and some of the challenges you face. What I’ve also noticed at any LGBTQ+ event I’ve attended is the outpouring of positivity and happiness, a true sense of family.  It’s that sense of belonging we nurture in Santander”. Duke Dayal-Chief Financial Officer & Embrace Network Executive Sponsor

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