Santander has created Global Health & Wellness, a new function aimed at developing health-related strategies for all group employees.

One of our responsibilities as a leading, global company is to give our employees the platform to develop and work in a safe and healthy environment, while strengthening our organization to prevent occupational risks. 

To achieve our aims, we’ve created Global Head of Health & Wellness, a new function forming part of the global Human Resources division. Its objective is to implement policies and guidelines that will develop a vision and strategy focused on the health and wellbeing of all group employees. 

Heading up Global Health & Wellness will be Pablo Marina, who has a background in science (from Harvard University) and management (from Boston Consulting Group, Roche and TTE Strategy) as well as extensive experience managing teams and projects in health and wellbeing. He has the expertise to lead a new key function for the group, whose purpose is to promote best practices among subsidiaries as well as collaboration in crisis management. 

Pablo Marina, global head of health & wellness, talks about the pandemic
Pablo Marina, global head of health & wellness, talks about the pandemic

Employee wellness initiatives

Having a head of health in such a large company makes Santander a trailblazer in the field. However, that’s just the tip of the wellness iceberg, an area that has always been part of our pledge. Our BeHealthy initiative, in place for several years, encourages our employees to lead a healthy life both in and outside the workplace. We focus on four areas: basic health parameters, the importance of exercise, work-life balance and better eating habits.

The covid-19 pandemic has shown that health is not something we can take for granted. It’s a fundamental aspect we should always take care of. That’s why the time has come for companies, as key drivers of society, to champion social responsibility with regard to the progress, protection and wellness of employees. 

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