Last update: 15/04/2024

One thing we’ve all come to realize in recent years is that health comes first. Good health won’t just come from regular exercise — there are other things we need to look after, too. So, in 2023, we formed a Global Health & Wellness team to come up with well-rounded strategies for our employees’ well-being.

So our teams can contribute and thrive, we, as a leading global organization, have the duty to strengthen occupational risk prevention and do our best for each employee’s safety, health and well-being. That’s why we have a special Global Health & Wellness unit in Human Resources. Its purpose is to implement policy and rules that further the Group’s strategy and objectives regarding employee well-being. This includes the Global health, safety and well-being policy. It’s a document for all Santander that sets out general principles on physical, mental, emotional and social health, including occupational risk protections.

At the helm of Global Health & Wellness is Pablo Marina, a Harvard University-trained scientist, with vast health and wellness project management experience from Boston Consulting Group, Roche, and TTE-Strategy.

What do you look for in a job?
What do you look for in a job?

Our employee health initiatives

For years, Santander has run its global BeHealthy campaign to promote healthy lifestyles both at home and at the office. Its four core themes — “Know your numbers”, “Move”, “Be balanced” and “Eat well” — translate into initiatives on nutrition, mental health, cancer prevention, cardiovascular studies, vaccination, seminars and training activities. We want to provide Simple, Personal and Fair solutions and opportunities for our employees to have the best quality of life.

Know your numbers


To keep track of our health.



To promote an active, sporty lifestyle. 

Be balanced


To strengthen body and mind, with mental and emotional health support.

Eat well


To ensure we eat healthy food and prevent excess body weight and obesity.

In April, we observe BeHealthy Week worldwide. It’s an exciting celebration where every Santander subsidiary and division coordinates activities and programmes centred on health and well-being. These include medical seminars, sporting events, step challenges, nutrition and cooking classes, master classes, medical check-ups, and vaccine drives.

Work-life balance: part and parcel of the well-being of our employees and their families

At global and local levels, we take special care of three wellness areas — maternity, paternity and dependant care —, in compliance with current legislation. Across country units and divisions, we offer: 

  • financial aid for employees in charge of minors or other dependant persons (including support for dependants with disabilities).
  • parental leave (above legal minimums in some countries). 
  • gradual re-entry post-leave.
  • nursery school and infant nursing areas on company grounds. 
  • financial aid for school and summer camps. 
  • special classes on working remotely, nursing, fertility, pregnancy and perinatal loss. 

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