We offer our customers simple, personal and fair products that help us to meet our customers’ expectations and be a responsible bank

In order to do this, we make sure that our catalogue of products and services reflect our customers’ diversity and are easy for them to obtain and access. Our offering is tailored to our stakeholders, and our products are designed according to factors ranging from customers’ age to the region where they live. 

In Spain, for example, we are working on tailored products for our key groups, while at the same time offering attractive value propositions to attract new customers, increase loyalty and boost commercial activity. Hence, Generación 81 focuses on breaking down gender stereotypes and offering financial training, while SmartBank offers young people bank accounts and debit cards with no fees, among many other features. 

We also have Santander Senior, a range of financial and non-financial products and services adapted to customers 65 and older. The initiative is intended to meet the planning, savings and security needs of this growing demographic, which, according to projections, will make up 25% of the population by 2030.

We have also launched Plan Smith, which focuses on non-residents in Spain and in particular on the needs of those who acquire a house there.

In Mexico, we have products such as Santander Tap, an instant messaging transfer service for transactions among our users and for sending money to customers of other banks with no time constraints or fees. Our product range also includes Mis Metas (“My Targets”), a tool to help customers meet their savings plans. Also in Mexico, we also have Hipoteca Plus (“Mortgage Plus”) – a programme for our customers to obtain fixed-rate mortgages. In addition, we have Programme Tuiio, a financial inclusion initiative that offers products and services tailored to meet the needs of the low-income, unbanked segment of the population. The initiative, already in place at 85 branches in 18 states, has more than 100,000 customers.

In Brazil, we have launched Santander ELA, to promote the creation of businesses headed by women. In Chile we have promoted the Santander Life programme to encourage good credit behaviour and to strengthen financial education. We have also launched Plan Life Latam, which allows customers to accumulate Méritos Life and Latam miles, and Cuenta Life, which rewards customers for saving. 

Our Argentina unit has various initiatives tailored to customers’ age, needs and circumstances. For example, iU, a product wholly designed for young people between 18 and 31, includes financial as well as non-financial benefits, including mentoring, academic scholarships and a web-based remote training platform. Likewise, Women is an integrated product with both financial and non-financial services intended for female entrepreneurs, SME owners and professionals. Also in Argentina, we launched Banca VIP, a unique customer service model for high-income retail and commercial banking customers.

In Uruguay, we have Prosperá, our microcredit product for small retail businesses, and  Santander Locker, to simplify the delivery of our products.

We are committed to adapting to meet the needs of our 145 million customers around the world. Knowing the incalculable value and contribution of diversity in any environment, we want to be the bank of choice for customers in every income bracket, offering them the services and products best suited to their needs. 

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