It’s almost 15 years since this chain of personal wellness gyms first opened its doors in Brazil. In a quest to expand beyond borders, it now boasts over 1,000 gyms in Latin America and is a sector leader.

A “premium service at a competitive price” is what you’ll find at Smart Fit’s 1,200-plus gyms across Latin America. In 2011, it began to expand beyond its native Brazil by setting up shop in Mexico.

It now operates in 14 countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. Its network spans 330 cities and boasts 4.2 million members. 

Smart Fit: Brazil’s high-quality fitness centres go global
Smart Fit: Brazil’s high-quality fitness centres go global

Three of its core principles are to offer tailor-made fitness services, pursue continuous innovation at its gyms to enhance member experience, and to grow. Its extensive network of gyms aims to level the playing field in access to first rate fitness services through affordable plans.

Santander has helped Latin America’s biggest gym chain with its strategy to expand abroad. Our support, which included Smart Fit’s successful stock exchange listing in 2021, wouldn’t be possible without our global network and the efforts of teams in local markets. 

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