The world is evolving and the demands of our customers and employees are changing too. In order to continue to earn and maintain our customers’ trust and loyalty, and to keep being a company in which we are all proud to work, we need to reshape our culture.

Our purpose, aim and values will stay the same. However, after listening to our customers and employees, we have updated our corporate behaviours to speed up our transformation towards a more simple, personal and fair bank. 

Over the last six years, our corporate culture, known as “The Santander Way”, has brought us all together and guided us forward. We share a purpose “to help people and businesses prosper”, an aim, “to be the best open financial services platform, acting responsibly and earning the trust of its people, customers, shareholders and communities” and a common way of doing things based on the values of “simple, personal and fair”. In addition, we have a solid risk culture (Risk Pro) and corporate behaviours that guide us on a day-to-day basis.

To respond to the new demands of our customers and our employees, we have reshaped our corporate behaviours. To do this, we listened to thousands of customers and teams from the bank around the world and across all businesses. This analysis showed us not only how far we have come, but also the aspects where we can improve further.

The new corporate behaviours are summarised in one word: “T.E.A.M.S.”, in which each letter represents a behaviour:

Think Customer

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I care about our customers so I go the extra mile to earn their trust and loyalty.

This behaviour reflects our commitment to provide our customers (both external and internal) with a tailored, efficient service. We can get this right by always thinking about their interests and trying to provide solutions to their concerns. That is the only way to earn their loyalty and trust. 

Embrace Change

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I embrace new challenges and I see new ways of doing things as an opportunity to grow.

This behaviour encourages us to take on new challenges and look for new ways to address them. In this regard, we are continuing to make commitments to society and the environment such as achieving net-zero carbon emissions in 2050 and contributing to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Act Now

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I take accountability and manage risks accordingly, always keeping things simple.

In order to respond to our customers and to the demands of a constantly changing world, we must be agile and seek quick, simple solutions. It is important to manage the risks in our day-to-day lives, by taking responsibility and encouraging those around us to do the same. 

Move Together: teamwork

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I seek opportunities to promote collaboration and work together to achieve common goals.

At Santander, talent is our main driver. Only by working as a team, as One Santander, will we be able to leverage the capabilities of diverse teams and drive innovation to meet new challenges.

Speak up

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I feel free to raise any idea, ask any question or escalate any issues or risks, building an environment of respect and trust. I am comfortable sharing and receiving feedback.

Being able to freely express opinions, problems or concerns is essential to better respond to the needs of our customers and to build a better place to work. It reflects our commitment to create a respectful and tolerant workplace where we have the confidence to be heard and to receive constructive feedback, which will help us grow as individuals and professionals.

By having a solid common corporate culture, believing in it and committing to putting it into practice every day, we will be able to drive our transformation and pave the way for a future as a more responsible bank.

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