Last update: 10/02/2023

A person's identity reflects their essence, their way of being and the way they act. The same happens to companies. Brands help organisations or products stand out. They also convey to stakeholders the values that identify the brand and that drives them forward. A brand is accordingly one of the most valuable and most important intangible assets in the business world. 

A company's brand is more than an image that identifies the organisation – it also represents its values and corporate culture. It is an intangible asset that fosters feelings of belonging, trust and identity for people that are connected to the company, (such as employees, customers, shareholders and investors, and the wider community). Therefore, as well as differentiating one company from another, a brand generates value and is a strategic asset that goes beyond what is tangible. 

If when you see the logo of a restaurant, drink, football team or a bank evokes memories or feelings that means the company has created a link with you. The intention they have is that when you see their brand, you don't just think about their products and services, but rather about certain attributes and values (prompting feelings as innovation, transparency or engagement) or, other examples, such as conveying their social or environmental responsibility.

For Santander, our brand reflects our essence and our culture as well as our way of being, anywhere and everywhere we are in the world. It represents our commitment to help people and businesses prosper, by building a more responsible bank, with ESG criteria as a cornerstone. Visual elements such as our symbol, the Santander red flame, are recognised globally. It represents our commitment to prosperity and conveys our way of doing things through our Simple, Personal and Fair approach.

How do you create a valuable brand?

Brands, like companies, evolve and adapt in line with new situations and needs posed by changing times. Defining and developing a brand is complicated. Treating it like a strategic asset requires commitment from senior management - and the whole company. To keep it relevant requires continuous investment in its development and activation by specialised teams. That is the only way to build a robust brand that boosts the value of your products and services, attracts and retains talent, facilitates internationalisation and acts as a safeguard in times of crisis. 

Being recognised as one of the world’s 100 most valued brands and highest ranked bank in the Eurozone by the consulting company Interbrand in 2022, is a testament to the fact that Santander is on the right path. We've also been named as the most valuable Spanish brand in the world, and the most valuable finance brand in the eurozone, in the Brand Finance rankings for 2023.

Beyond the value in financial terms, the relevance of our brand is constantly growing. Today, the Santander brand is global one that is centred on a purpose and values that reflect our commitment to progress. Even if our beginnings go back more than 160 years ago, our determination to continue building a brand that creates value to our audiences is stronger than ever.

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