Last update: 19/01/2024

Santander has once again been recognized the world’s most valuable Spanish brand in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking for 2024. This adds to our inclusion in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking for 2023, which lists us as one of the 100 most valuable brands on the planet.

A company’s brand is more than an image that identifies it. Brand also represents a company's values and culture. It’s an intangible asset that promotes a sense of belonging, trust and identity among employees, customers, shareholders and investors, as well as the wider community. In addition to distinguishing one company from another, a brand generates value and is a strategic asset that goes beyond tangibility.

At Santander, our brand reflects our essence, our culture, our mindset and our place in the world. It represents our commitment to help people and businesses prosper by building a more responsible bank with ESG standards at its core. The world-renowned Santander red flame represents the key elements of our identity: fire as a symbol of the progress, passion and energy that helps us achieve our aims.

Our inclusion in consultancy firm Brand Finance’s Global 500 2024 ranking as its highest ranking Spanish company shows we’re on the right path. Intrabrand also named us one of the world’s 100 most valuable brands and the eurozone’s highest ranked bank in its November 2023 Best Global Brands ranking.

Besides the financial value of our brand, it continues to grow in importance. Today, Santander is a global brand that is underpinned by a purpose and values that speak to our commitment to society’s progress. Though our origins stretch back over 150 years, our determination to continue building a brand that creates value for our stakeholders remains stronger than ever.

How to create a valuable brand

If the logo of a restaurant, drink, football team or a bank evokes memories or feelings, the organization has tapped into your imagination and forged a link with you. Companies’ intention is for you to recognize their brand beyond products and services to consider certain attributes and values such as innovation, transparency, engagement, social and environmental responsibility, and others.

Like companies, brands evolve and adapt to new needs and situations as times goes by. Creating and developing a brand is no walk in the park. It needs senior management and the whole company to treat it as a strategic asset. What's more, keeping it relevant requires continuous investment in brand development and activation by specialist teams. It’s the only way to build a solid brand that boosts the value of products and services, helps attract and retain talent, drives internationalization and acts as a safeguard in times of crisis.  

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