Last update: 28/02/2022

Our teams are one of the most valuable resources we have, and to support them and manage their talent is one of our most important tasks if we are to become an open financial services platform. Therefore, at Santander, we have implemented the Workday platform. This system allows us to better understand all the people who work at our entity and provide them with the direct, transparent treatment they deserve.

We are a company of global importance and scope. Diversity is the rallying cry behind our success, and managing our workforce's talent is of fundamental importance to us. Therefore, we are making increasing use of digital tools that enable us to better understand all the people who work for Santander Group. Workday is the digital platform that adapts to our needs as it facilitates the management of our human teams and gives us the possibility of organising globally, simply and personally, in addition to addressing challenges and new business opportunities.

Three years have passed since the start of the project and, with the recent incorporation of the United States, the implementation of this digital space in the Group is now complete. More than 184,000 people now form part of it; this is a milestone in our way of understanding of talent management and expanding our culture in a unified way. 

This tool provides us with key information about all of the entity's employees in real time and provides the heads of Human Resources, with a much more strategic role, and our leaders with greater knowledge of the teams and of employees' skills, optimising talent management. At the same time, employees have a much greater awareness of their opportunities within the Group and perceive in a simple way what the organisation expects from them. Workday is, therefore, an excellent enabler of our personnel departments' global strategy, providing them with better information on the skills required for each position, in addition to mapping the skills we already have.

This knowledge enables us as a company to implement initiatives that foster the professional development of our employees in an increasingly open and agile working environment. It also offers extensive benefits for the work carried out by managers, giving them immediate access to information regarding the teams and providing them with the support they need and allowing decisions related to their talent and functions to be taken. Workday offers information organised on action-oriented dashboards, presents a global vision of teams and increases the autonomy to manage actions without having to involve other departments.

Workday entails significant benefits for our employees, as well. This tool has extensive functionalities, with a simple and intuitive interface and access to relevant information anytime, anywhere, as it can be accessed via the employee portal or the mobile application.

Santander Group employees
Santander Group employees

Our teams, one of our priorities

In the medium term, our aim at Santander is to be one of the top ten companies to work for in six of our geographies. In order to achieve this objective, we have developed a strong corporate culture called “Santander Way” that brings us together and guides us as a global Group. We share a purpose, an aim and a common way of doing things based on the values of "simple, personal and fair". In addition, we have a strong risk culture (Risk Pro) and our corporate behaviours, which guide our way of working day by day.

Our culture is the cornerstone of our responsible banking approach, so that we can continue to gain and maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers, and be a company in which we all feel proud to work.

At Santander, we are also promoting different initiatives within the priorities of culture and commitment. We continue to evolve our way of working, with Flexiworking, for example, which gives employees the possibility of making their hours and place of work more flexible while meeting our purpose and business objectives. We also launched Strategic Workforce Planning, a project aimed at identifying significant career profiles for the future; and Dojo, the new global lifelong learning ecosystem that will allow us to access training shared with the entire Group.

In short, these are multiple resources designed to contribute to the development of all the people who form part of this entity. Thanks to our employees, we have become a responsible business that attracts the best talent and earns its trust. Our goal and hope are to give back to them everything that they have given to make us a significant global entity. 

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