Our workforce is one of the most valuable resources we have, and supporting them and managing their talent is one of our most important tasks in becoming the best open financial services platform. For this reason, at Santander we have implemented the Workday platform, a system that allows us to get to know all the people who work in our institution better and gives us the opportunity to provide them with the personal and transparent treatment they deserve.

We are a company of global importance and scope that employs more than 196,000 people. Diversity is the hallmark of our success and managing the talent of our workforce is a key aspect of our business. For all these reasons, we are increasingly using digital tools that enable us to better know and understand all of the people who work for Santander Group. Workday is the digital platform that meets our needs as it facilitates the management of our teams and allows us simple and personalised management globally, as well as tackling challenges and taking advantage of new business opportunities.


The global HR management platform (Workday) is currently operational at our corporate headquarters in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid, Spain), at Openbank in Mexico and within Santander Consumer Finance in countries such as Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Since May 2020, Santander Spain has joined these countries, with almost 60,000 employees in total now connected with harmonised processes and managed on the same platform. All of the Group will eventually be connected on the same platform. 

This tool provides us with key information of all Santander’s professionals in real time. In this way, Human Resource managers and our leaders have better knowledge of the teams, the skills of the employees, and can optimise talent management. At the same time, employees have greater visibility of the opportunities they have in the Group and can easily see what the organisation expects of them. This makes Workday an excellent enabler for the overall strategy of people departments, as it gives the possibility to know the competencies needed for each position in addition to mapping the skills we already have today.

This knowledge enables us as a company to implement initiatives that foster the professional development of our employees in an increasingly open and agile working environment. It also offers extensive benefits for the work carried out by managers, giving them immediate access to information regarding their teams, providing them with the support they need and allowing decisions related to their talent and functions to be taken. Workday offers information organised on action-oriented dashboards, presents a global vision of teams and increases the autonomy to manage actions without having to involve other departments.

Workday entails significant benefits for our employees, as well. This tool has extensive functionalities, with a simple and intuitive interface and access to relevant information anytime and anywhere, as it can be accessed via the employee portal or the mobile application. It will be fully implemented by the end of 2021, and from then on, it will be possible to apply for any vacancy at Santander, as this will be the tool for publishing job vacancies throughout the Group.

Our workforce, one of our priorities

In the medium term, our aim at Santander is to be one of the top ten companies to work for in six of our geographies. To achieve this goal, we have developed a solid corporate culture called the “Santander Way”, which encompasses our aim, our purpose and our way of working throughout the Group. This is the cornerstone of our responsible banking activity, a series of leadership commitments applicable to the entire workforce. To assess compliance with all of these principles, we launched StarMeUp, a system that rewards the excellent behaviours of our employees.

85% of our employees feel that they have a good work-life balance

At Santander we are also promoting various initiatives as part of the priorities of culture and commitment, such as Flexiworking, which offers employees more flexibility regarding their schedule and the place they work from. We have also launched Strategic Workforce Planning, a project to identify professional profiles that are relevant for the future.

In short, these are multiple resources designed to contribute to the development of all the people who form part of this entity. Thanks to our workforce, we have become a responsible business that attracts the best professionals and earns their trust. Our goal and hope is to give back to them everything that they have given to make us a significant global entity. 

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