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Spanish Withholding Tax

Spanish Tax Formalities on Sale or Gift of Santander Shares (Form 210)

There are Spanish tax formalities for UK resident shareholders who sell or gift their shares.

Santander Sharedealing offers assistance with the above Spanish tax requirements to shareholders who meet certain criteria, providing they sell their shares through Santander Sharedealing.

To qualify for tax assistance the criteria are as follows:

You are the beneficial owner of the shares or the legally appointed representative of the beneficial owner of the shares, the beneficial owner needs to be a UK resident not carrying on a business in Spain with which these shares are effectively connected and are eligible for relief from Spanish tax under the double tax treaty between the UK and Spain.  Santander Sharedealing will complete the tax form 210 and you will need to obtain a UK Certificate of Residence as beneficial owner or on behalf of the beneficial owner of the shares.

To find out if you are eligible to use this service, please call Santander Sharedealing on free-phone 08001692001.

At present, Santander Sharedealing cannot offer assistance or guidance to shareholders that hold or sell their shares through other brokers.


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