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Value creation

Our strategy is based on a virtuous circle centred on trust: through more committed employees, we have customers that are more satisfied and loyal, which means we can generate profit and invest more in the community.  


  • One of the central points of our strategy is to integrate a solid culture based on our values.
  • As important as what we do is how we do it.
  • The commitment of our employees is among the highest in the sector.


  • The increase in loyal customers, both individuals and companies, has afforded significant growth of revenue.
  • Loyal customers use our digital channels more.



  • We have notably strengthened our balance sheet over the past four years, generating 304 basis points of capital (applying the IFRS 9 transitional arrangement).
  • We have increased our resilience even further, growing our business and raising dividends.


  • We have agreements with 1,325 academic institutions in 33 countries. 7,647 partnerships with social entities and institutions.
  • We are the world's leading bank for financing renewable energies (#1 for transactions, #2 for volume).
  • We generate profit responsibly and support inclusive, sustainable growth.