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General Shareholders' Meeting

  1. Where is the meeting notice published?

    Notice of the meeting is published at least one month prior to the meeting date, in the Official Gazette of the Companies Registry (Boletín Oficial del Registro Mercantil) or in one of the widest-read newspapers in Spain, on the Bank's website (www.santander.com) and on the website of the National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, www.cnmv.es).

    The Chairman of the Bank also sends a letter to all shareholders, informing them of the upcoming meeting date and enclosing the attendance, delegation and remote voting card and the meeting agenda.

    All information and documentation on the General Shareholders' Meeting is available on this website, in the Shareholders' General Meeting section.
  2. Who can attend the General Shareholders' Meeting?

    In accordance with the Bank's by-laws, the registered owners of any amount of shares duly recorded in the shareholders' log at least five days prior to the meeting date are entitled to attend the General Shareholders' Meeting.

    In order to attend the meeting, shareholders must obtain the attendance card issued in their name by the Bank's Secretary, based on the list of shareholders entitled to attend, in accordance with the Bank's by-laws and with prevailing legislation. This list will be definitively closed five days prior the scheduled meeting date.
  3. How can shareholders participate in the General Shareholders' Meeting?

    - Shareholders owning ordinary shares may vote remotely through the following means:

    Electronic vote: Shareholders may vote electronically through the Bank's website (www.santander.com) or at www.juntasantander.com. Shareholders with an Android or Apple iOS mobile device can use the "Santander Accionistas" app, which can be downloaded at Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store.

    Hand-delivered or postal vote: In order to vote remotely with hand delivery or postal delivery, shareholders must complete and sign the "Remote Vote" section on the attendance, delegation and remote voting card issued by the Bank. The duly completed and signed card must be delivered by hand to any branch office or sent by post to the following address: Registro de Accionistas, Apartado número 683 F.D. 28080 Madrid.

    If a shareholder delegates his or her vote or votes remotely, through any means, in advance of the General Shareholders' Meeting but then attends the meeting either in person or remotely, the prior vote delegation or remote vote will be rendered null and void. Physical attendance at the meeting will render any remote attendance invalid.

    - Owners of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) representing ordinary Banco Santander shares will receive an instruction card on exercising their voting rights at the General Shareholders' Meeting directly from Bank of New York Mellon.

    For further information on the rules for participating in the meeting or on the agenda items, or for help in the voting process, the owners of ADRs may contact D.F. King & Co., Inc., Banco Santander's Information Agent at:

    48 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005
    Telephone: (800) 735-3107
    Email: bancosantander@dfking.com

    - Owners of CREST Depositary Interests (CDIs) representing ordinary Banco Santander shares will receive an instruction card on exercising their voting rights at the General Shareholders' Meeting directly from Equiniti Financial Services Limited.

    For any additional information, CDI owners can access the following customer service channels:

    Email: santandershareholders@equiniti.com
    Telephone: 0371 384 2000
    Telephone: +44 121 415 7188 (international calls)
    Customer service lines are open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except for UK bank holidays.
  4. How can I appoint a proxy for the General Shareholders' Meeting?

    Shareholders that are unable to attend the meeting may delegate their vote to any shareholder or non-shareholder individual or legal entity. This proxy representation must be granted in writing or through electronic means, and refer specifically to the meeting in question. One vote may be issued for each share present or represented at the General Shareholders' Meeting.

    In the case of written proxy delegation, the shareholder, after signing the attendance, delegation and remote voting card, may send the card through post or using the prepaid envelope received, or hand deliver it at any Santander branch office.

    In the case of proxy granted through electronic means, shareholders should follow the instructions set out on the Shareholders' General Meeting section of this website.
  5. What is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary General Shareholders' Meetings?

    Ordinary General Shareholders' Meetings must be held within the first six months of each year, so that shareholders can vote whether to approve the prior year management of the Bank and the financial statements, as well as how profits or losses for the prior year will be allocated.

    All other meetings are Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meetings.

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