In December, shareholders received the new shares related to the share capital increase, equivalent to EUR 0.10 per share, as a complementary payment from 2019. Each shareholder received a free allotment right of new shares for each share they hold and had the option of either selling to the market or receiving new shares. As a result, total remuneration for 2019 rose to EUR 0.20 per share.

With regard to the dividend payment against 2020, the board of directors intends to pay a cash dividend of EUR 2.75 cents per share, the maximum allowed in accordance with the limits set by the European Central Bank (ECB) in its recommendation last December.

The board’s intention is to restore a payout of 40-50% of the underlying profit, in cash, in the medium term. With respect to the remuneration against the 2021 earnings, the intention is to resume payments once the European Central Bank recommendations so allow, in line with the announcement of April 2020.

Further information on shareholder remuneration can be found in the following sections of this website:

Dividend Yield
Ex-dividend Date